Hi Atheist Nexus,

I don't know really what to say.

I had an account here many years ago and then just forgot about it. Can't even remember what my name was but now thought to drop in again.

Something about myself, let's see.
My name is Rob, 33 years old. I like steampunk, computer games, baking, and work.
Yes, I like work. I love the company I work for and I love what I do there. Probably just got lucky. 

I am a huge supporter of equal rights and also try to be educational about the transgender topic - not in an activist way though.



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Nice to meet you, Rob.

Nice to meet you too, Patricia.

Just back from hip replacement, so my husband is doing the cooking, but he doesn't bake.

As for pumpkin pie, my main spice is cinnamon, with mace, nutmeg, allspice, & ginger, in much lesser amounts.

Oh boy. Are you doing allright then? After the surgery and all? Make sure you rest well.
I will be making pumpkin pie this weekend again. Will try the pumpkin spice I bought and hope it's good :D

Yes, I'm doing well thank you. Walking around the house without the walker, but standing is out....so no cooking.

Yeah, pumpkin pie is usually delicious, but over-doing some of the spices can ruin it.

Hey Rob.  Cool to see ya here.  Jerry

Hi Jerry! Nice to meet you.

Thanks for introducing yourself. 

Anytime :D

Hi, Rob. What kind of work do you do? I am pleased to learn you support equal rights and try to educate yourself about trangnder issues. 

Hi Joan,

I work in social media safety.
Also, while I am always happy to educate myself or learn new things generally, when it comes to transgender issues I am trying to be the educator. So I am giving awareness trainings at my work and have recently started a vlog. Also am in touch with TENI (Transgender Network Ireland) to set up a support group for young trans people. So that is why I said I am not being an activist, I am just trying to do my part to make the world a more accepting place.

Yo, Rob! Greets and welcome to Atheist Nexus! Please have a great time here.




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