Hi Atheist Nexus,

I don't know really what to say.

I had an account here many years ago and then just forgot about it. Can't even remember what my name was but now thought to drop in again.

Something about myself, let's see.
My name is Rob, 33 years old. I like steampunk, computer games, baking, and work.
Yes, I like work. I love the company I work for and I love what I do there. Probably just got lucky. 

I am a huge supporter of equal rights and also try to be educational about the transgender topic - not in an activist way though.



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Thanks Loren. I will do my best :D

Baking, huh?  Neat.  My wife's health has meant that for the past few Thanksgivings I've baked a pie or two.  I find I enjoy it.  Also, I have a (non-theistic) thirteen-year-old grandson who may be baking a bit, later this month.  It's not a hobby really, but a situation that, when I was forced to do a little, it was more fun than I expected.  You have any specialties?

Hi Jerry,

Sorry to hear about your wife's ill health. How are you two hanging in there?
Baked specialties of mine. I think my chocolate-marzipan cake is very loved, I just hate making it because of the mess.
As you speak of Thanksgiving. While that is not a thing over here, I did try to make pumpkin pie finally. First time, two years ago, I did not own pumpkin spice. So I mixed the spices myself and ... well let's say it was a nutmeg desaster. The pie tasted of nutmet and sugar and nothing else. Last year I found a good balance with almost no nutmeg and this year I am trying actual pumpkin spice though I am scared because the first ingredient listed is nutmeg... Nutmeg and I are not friends :D




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