Robert Reich : The Resistance Report Published on Mar 7, 2017

A call for single-payer health plan for all. 

Donald Trump promised that there would be a repeal of the Affordable Care Act and it would be replaced with something he said wonderful. Well now, Republicans are trying to come up with that replacement It's not so wonderful judging by what House Republicans have come up with. We don't know how bad it is because there's no opportunity to have a cost estimate or an estimate of how much coverage anybody's going to get under this new bill but it will be marked up tomorrow in committee and the plan is to vote on it either later this week or early next week.
To give you some idea of the extraordinary nature of this i just wanted you to know that the original Affordable Care Act took months and months and months and months of hearings and detailed assessment from the Congressional Budget Office, from the office of management and budget, from experts and even then there were more hearings.
Here the Republicans are trying to come up with something that will affect the health care coverage of tens of millions of Americans, potentially 32 or 34 million Americans and there are no hearings, there's no assessment, the Congressional Budget Office will not even have a chance to weigh in.
The only thing that this particular bill or these two bills, to be technical about it, have going for them is the possibility that they can get in fast speed right through the house and then to the Senate without anybody paying all that much attention. The fact of the matter is that if you were talking about a real replacement for Obamacare the Affordable Care Act that does as much as the Affordable Care Act you can't do it without having two sources of money.
In the Affordable Care Act that the Republicans want to get rid of the one source of money is higher taxes on the wealthy. They want to repeal those taxes!

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With the rush they are putting on this we can be assured it is not so wonderful. Many that have insurance now because of ACA might even lose it or see costs skyrocket again. It's kind of like trying to replace the car you are driving down the road, and replace that car as you are driving it. An almost impossible feat.

The best way forward with the ACA is to modify and change it now. This is something that Obama and Biden knew would have to happen the entire time. The Repubs would like to simply jerk the program out from under you. I've heard many times that they think health care could be covered by a personal 401K. That makes me laugh. Nobody goes forward to explain how that would work. They are courting disaster here.




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