So the Roman Catholics blame the Jews for nailing Jesus the Christ to a cross. Even what I was a wee TIn Lid, that was the attitude of Roman Catholics. SO how about this:

Rothschild's Servitude to the Vatican - Vatican owed it's continued existence to the Rothschilds since 1849

Rothschild's Servitude to the Vatican - Vatican owed it's continued existence to the Rothschilds since 1849

"In the book, Hitler's Pope, John Cornwall's chronicles the life of Eugenio Pacelli, Pope Pius XII. Pacellli was arguably the most dangerous churchman in modern history.

In the first decade of the twentieth century, Pacelli was a brilliant Vatican lawyer who helped shape a new ideology of unprecedented papal power. As papal nuncio in Munich and Berlin in the 1920's, he used cunning and moral blackmail to impose Rome's power on Germany. In 1933, he negotiated a treaty with Hitler, the Reich Concordat, which ensured that the Nazis would rise unopposed by the most powerful Catholic community in the world.

How could Eugenio Pacelli possibly have gotten away with such cunning, especially since we know that he was in personal contact with the Rothschilds. Guy de Rothschild was his pen pal eight years before he became Pope. But wait... if Pacelli was Hitler's Pope, and Hitler was a Rothschild... then he was Rothschild's Pope!

How did Eugenio Pacelli become Rothschild's Pope?

Eugenio Pacelli alias Pope PIUS XII Eugenio Pacelli was described routinely, during his pontificate and after his death, as a member of the Black Nobility. The Black Nobility were a small group of aristocratic families of Rome who had stood by the popes following the seizure of their dominions in the bitter struggle for the creation of the nation-state of Italy... Pacelli's father and grandfather before him owed their distinction to membership of the caste of lay Vatican lawyers in the service of the papacy.

Pacelli's immediate family association with the Holy See dates from 1819, when his grandfather, Marcantonio Pacelli, arrived in the Eternal City to study canon law, or Church law, as a protégé of a clerical uncle, Monsignor Prospero Caterini. By 1834 Marcantonio had become an advocate in the Tribunal of the Sacred Rota, an ecclesiastical court involved in such activities as marriage annulments. While raising ten children (his second child being Eugenio's father, Filippo, born in 1837), Marcantonio became a key official in the service of Pius IX, popularly known as Pio Nono.

The quick tempered, charismatic, and epileptic Pio Nono (Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferretti), crowned in 1846, was convinced, as had been his predecessors from time immemorial, that the papal territories forming the midriff of the Italian peninsula ensured the independence of the successors to St. Peter. If the Supreme Pontiff were a mere inhabitant of a "foreign" country, how could he claim to be free of local influence? Three years after his coronation, it looked as if Pio Nono had ignominiously lost his sovereignty over the Eternal City to a republican mob.

On November 15, 1849, Count Pellegrino Rossi, a lay government minister of the papal states, famous for his biting sarcasm, approached the Palazzo della Cancelleria in Rome and greeted a sullen waiting crowd with a contemptuous smile. As he was about to enter the building, a man leapt forward and stabbed him fatally in the neck. The next day, the Pope's Quirinal summer palace above the city was sacked, and Pio Nono, disguised in a priest's simple cassock and a pair of large spectacles, fled to the seaside fortress of Gaeta within the safety of the neighboring kingdom of Naples.

He took with him Marcantonio Pacelli as his legal and political adviser. From this fastness, Pio Nono hurled denunciations against the "outrageous treason of democracy" and threatened prospective voters with excommunication. Only with the help of French bayonets, and a loan from the Rothschild's, did Pio Nono contrive to return to the Vatican a year later to resume a despised reign over the city of Rome and what was left of the papal territories.

From this we see that the Vatican owed it's existence to the Rothschild's from this point on.

"Murder by Injection" Eustace Mullins

"The Conspirator's Hierarchy" John Coleman

Are there not THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of members of the Knights of Malta? Look around you. They own the Railroad, they own the Lockheed Martin, the Hill Airforce Base, and all of the Opera houses. Nobody seems to even care. And they have certain people in high places of authority as scapegoats.

There are HUNDREDS of people, probably thousands who are KNOWN Knights of Malta!

It is a commonly regarded fact that Rothschild and Jacob Frank met in Constantinople in secret back during the overthrow of Judaism.

ALL of the sources are cited and included there!!!!

You want more names? Read Dr. John Coleman's book, "The Conspirators Hierarchy" and you receive all the names, Charlemagne and Prince Bernhard included.

"Companies run by Black Nobility families are British Petroleum, Oppenheimer, Lonrho, Philbro and others."

Here's an ENTIRE LIST of books.

Von Papen, German Roman Catholic. Jesuit Cojuator who worked with a whole array of Spanish/Roman Catholics to instigate and complete the Holocaust AND the Inquisition!

Prince Edward the IV, Roman Noble and Royal. Jesuit Knight. Dutch Catholic with nearly no Jewish/Christian ancestry.

Dagobert II, Dutch Protestant family and Jesuit Knights.

Blanchefort, Gisors, Saint-Clair aka Sinclair in England, Montesquieu, Montpezat, Poher, Luisignan, Plantard and Habsburg-Lorraine.

Zagami, long line of Italian Roman Catholics. Former Jesuit Grandmaster and Knights of Malta.

Leo Zagami ein Aussteiger aus dem Club unterhält eine eigene Website:

All of the above are members of the Committee, and either Italian, Greek, or Roman who claim to be David's Kin and claim they are God.

Lord Prince Stuart, founder of "House of Stuart" he is a Dutch Protestant claiming to be of God. Family member still alive today, on the Committee of 300 and owns the entire House of Stuart, House of Windsor estate.

Nicholas Roerich, a Russian Mystic Catholic.

Henry Wallace, Jesuit Savant.

General John McDill, Air Force Admiral, Jesuit Knight and Knights of Malta a Roman English Catholic.

King George the III, IV, continuing. A Roman Catholic of the Carolingian dynasty the King's relative still maintains a seat on the same Komitee der 300.

Leon Czolgosz, Cojuator who worked the assassination of President William Mckinley. Also worked with Jesuit savant John Wilkes Booth, who murders Abraham Lincon.

Marquis of Abergavemy, Spanish Catholics on the Committee.

Houghton Amory, Roman Italian Catholic Prince on the Committee.

Baron Harold Anthony Caccia, English Royal of the throne under the Roman Catholic dialectic. Jesuit "Knight" of Malta.

Sir John Cadman, nothing Jewish about him. Roman Protestant serving the English throne. Komitee der 300.

Victor C. W. Cavendish, Duke of Devonshire, a Roman Catholic Jesuit bishop.

Howard Clark, NOT Jewish. A Roman Catholic Episcopilian, servant and savant to the Prince. Komitee der 300.

Leon Czol, was seduced by Emma Goldman, Protestant servant to the Vatican's banking branch.

Augustine Cardinal Bea [a Jew], one of the most powerful in the Church, the Order and FORMER member to the Komitee der 300.

Francis Cardinal Spellman, now deceased. Controlled the entire hierarchy of New York. Said to have been part of the Komitee der 300 also.

Reverand Billy Graham, current and well known Jesuit savant and assassin.

Michael Conover, well known descendent to William C. Conover, Knights of Malta. Catholic cartel involved in the "Bluegrass Conspiracy" (Emphasis added, see webpage for names and dates)

General Franco, [a Jew] now deceased. Helped initiate the 10 year war, spanish inquisition following that.

High Czar Nicholas, aided in the overthrow of Europe. High Jesuit said to be part of the first Komitee der 300.

William Buckley and Frank Sturgis, Roman Catholic Protestants. Jesuit knights, and the same men who killed John Kennedy and buried his murder.

Nelson Bunker Hunt, Jesuit Cojuator, Protestant, helped finance one of the world's greatest economic scams.

Alberto Rivera, high level former member of the Committee of 300, Roman Italian Catholic.

Kolvenbach was set to name Maitreya to become the official "Ruler" of the Order back in 1990, until the Vatican changed plans again.

Prince Phillip, prince to the royal throne. Roman Dutch Catholic and Jesuit Grandmaster.

Prince Bernhard, claims to be descended of "David" and claims he is god. Member of the Committee of 300, a Roman Knight and Nobleman now deceased.

Started the "De Bilderburger" group officially. Was the first one to ever have done so.

Peter Hans Van Kolvenbach, Dutch Catholic. German roots and said to be the Jesuit Military General. Makes him claimed "most powerful agent" alive.

Edmund A. Walsh the 4th, Catholic Protestant. Secret director of the CIA.

James Jesus Angelton. Overseer of the OSS, Knight of Malta, director for the Roman guard and Mossad/CIAoperations.

Reinherd Gehlen. Greek Roman Catholic. Reinherd Gehlen trained the Zionists namely the Mossad, and CIA to do any attacks. High level Jesuit Knight.

Cecil Rhodes, Jew, helped start the group for the 300 known as "Round Table" the Council of "13". The "13" are a power-center or structure for the actual 300 to operate.

Prince Charles, high order of her Majesty. English Roman Catholic. Acclaimed priest and temporal Jesuit.

Henry Kissinger, Jew, about the only "Zionist" Jesuit savant named here. Kissinger got acquainted with this through Cardinal Spellman, Edmund A Walsh, and the real playing masters.
Kissinger became a "Sabbatean" [Jew], when he renounced Judaism in favor of Zionism as well as Shimon Peres.
These are the DELICATE parts of this conspiracy you just don't understand, Daryl.

That is why he is working so hard to prove this, for the Arabs sake too, because they also have been used by the Vatican.

"PEOPLE" are showing you, even perhaps Christopher Bollyn, that there is a greater evil than the Zionists. If Israel collapses and so does Iran, that evil WILL STILL BE THERE. IT WILL NOT CHANGE.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author. If you have a problem with the correctness of the information, please contact the author.


(In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.)

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Yes I know, Wikipedia is a part of the conspiracy, but sorry, this doesn't merit any more research than you have given it.

Eustace Mullins is an American political writer, author, biographer. As of 2005, Eustace Mullins is a member of the Southeast Bureau editorial staff of far-right Willis Carto's American Free Press. He is also a contributing editor to the Barnes Review.

All unified by anti-semitic and 911 conspiracy theory, holocaust denial. American Free Press is also classified as an active hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

But it gets better. John Coleman - Coleman argues that the Muslim Brotherhood is a secret Masonic order created, with support from T. E. Lawrence, Bertrand Russell and St. John Philby...

I can't be stomach digging any further, I need a shower as it is.

This is an atheist site - it is for people that reject theism. The unstated part is that people are also expected to be clear thinkers. What is amusing, sad and just plain disturbing is the number of godless that end up filling the void by clinging desperately quasi-religious conspiracy beliefs. There is not a single credible reference anywhere in your post. It's all speculation, hearsay, rumour and reality abuse to arrive at predefined conclusions. It is agenda driven subjective codswollop that has divorced itself from reality. THIS SHIT DOES NOT BELONG HERE.

Conspiracy = religion - god

Stop spreading diseased thinking.
"Yes I know, Wikipedia is a part of the conspiracy, but sorry, this doesn't merit any more research than you have given it."

Sir. Where is there any reference to Wikipedia in my post?
And to which "conspiracy" are you referring?
Oh, Robert! I'm so disappointed in you. Firstly, reams of cut and paste is considered really bad form on this site. Secondly, in line with the rationalist principles underlying atheism, it's also considered reasonable to check the credibility of any sources you quote.

I can understand you being anti-Catholic, and even anti-Jewish, but rolling out tired old, unproven conspiracy theories on this site really reflects badly on you, and is damaging to this site's reputation as a haven of rationalism. Just because we wish the really bad stories about theist organizations we don't like might be true, doesn't mean they are - and these theories are plainly batshit crazy!

Please Robert, consider your sources. They're as loony as any theist:

Eustace Mullins alleges that ritual human sacrifice is a central tenet of Judaism and that that "the Rockefeller/Rothschild funded Zionists" were responsible for the 9/11 attacks.

John Coleman is another well-known 'New World Order' conspiracy theorist. David Icke (who believes the world is ruled by alien lizards masquerading as humans) is a big fan of Coleman - nuff said.

Clifford Shack who writes: "According to accepted history, Adolf Hitler masterminded the Holocaust. This is just not true. Adolf Hitler was a frontman for the House of Rothschild. So too was his adversary Winston Churchill.

The historic irony is that when all the facts are known, it is more likely that Winston Churchill had more of a hand in masterminding the Holocaust than Hitler. This should sound outrageous…by design. A great deal of effort went into hiding the fact that World War II was a phony war engineered by the Global elitists, among them men like Churchill. "

Robert, this is all unproven rubbish from people with no expertise and no credibility amongst real scientists or historians. I'm shocked that you would buy into this nonsense, let alone spread it around here. Please no more of this kind of thing - it really is embarrassing for the site and to your fellow Australian members.
I can understand you being anti-Catholic, and even anti-Jewish

First Kristy, I am anti-Catholic but not anti-jewish. That is if you mean the fine Jewish people many of whom I have known. Judaism, I am against as I am ALL religions no matter what "god" they believe in.

Having said that, yes, you might be right about the bias of some opinions shown on my post and although I might disagree with some of them, I don't think you are fair criticizing me.

So I know: are you Atheist or Religious? Then I will know where I stand with you. OK
I am an atheist, a rationalist and an academic. I believe in credible evidence, whether or not it serves my own prejudices. The sources you have quoted are anti-semites - I am surprised you would associate yourself with them, Robert.




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