Roman Catholic priest has told his congregration that he has a four-year-old son

A Roman Catholic priest has told his congregation that he has a four-year-old son, and has stood down from the Church.

Personally I feel this is a shame that he has to step down. Apparently the priest is severely def himself and plays a very important role in the def community.
Here is an example of a seemingly good man being forced from his positive role in the community for being human and fallible. This is a story that is arse-about-face and a shame!

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I agree with you. We are supposed to have sex..I've also read that if males don't jack off quite often it raises their chances of protrate cancer...So if you don't use it,you loose it...And everything else also.
Wow a perfectly decent discussion is lowered to the level where we discuss the positive effects of masturbation. Cool!
Is there any negative effects about masturbation?
Every single day I find more evidence that the only way a priest can anger the Catholic Ecclesiarchy is to stick his penis in a woman. If he just stuck to underage boys he could have enjoyed the best legal insulation that a person-like-entity could hope for.
I'm all for celibacy, virginity, and against the ordination of women in the Catholic priesthood. Being a member of the clergy has to be as unattractive as possible.

"But then, If everyone agreed with you, we'll all be Muslims soon!"

Well. What about allowing only women in the Islam's clergy? That would be cool: mullettes and ayatollettes!




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