Romney: If Obama Wins He'll Take "God" Off Our Currency

When a party has nothing new to offer, no plan, no program, they fall back on fear.  Now, Romney has announced that Obama has a secret plan to take "In God We Trust" off the U.S. currency.  Gee, I thought he might reverse Eisenhower and take "God" out of the Pledge of Allegiance, which I have not said in 50 years.  I stand mute.  Until they take "God" out, I am not saying it. Of course this means I am unamerican and should be jailed...or at least put in the stocks.  Next, Romney will announce that Obama has a secret plan to give all the satellite countries back to Putin.

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Funny thing: "god" was NOT on our currency for a while, and I for one am not especially convinced that putting it on has done the country or its fiscal policies any great favors, the "godless communists" notwithstanding.

Anyone here care to tell me what difference a handful of words on currency make?  I'd really like to know.

Pat, you might want to check your eyeglass prescription.  That's a US ten-spot ... though the point is still made.

England and most of western Europe have largely freed themselves from fawning excessively over religion in general and christianity in particular.  Meanwhile, the US obsesses about religion, shucking and jiving about it as though the thoughts of a bunch of ignorant Palestinian nomads of two millennia ago had anything at all to do with what Jefferson and Franklin and Madison and others sweated to create something over two and a quarter centuries ago.  It's been said many times that a large component of religion is fear.  To that, I have to wonder just what are those people afraid of, that they have to coerce their government to favor one particular fantasy over another, never mind to insist on the government currency reflecting their specific belief set?


After decades of scraping and slaving away at the office, I finally paid a tax of 26% the same year Romney paid 13% (since all of his was capital gains and dividends on 200 million dollars in investments, including some offshore).  Does anyone on the list believe I have not earned the right to distrust this man?  Although a progressive, I am one angry white man.

James, I could throw him further than I trust him, and I trust him NOT AT ALL.

Gee!  Next he'll leave god out of the party platform!  And forget to include the traditional pander to Israel!  What's next, the pledge as written by a Baptist preacher?  Then he might forget to schedule the government's day of prayer!  When he takes his second oath of office he'll end it without "so help me god."  He'll stop signing the checks to the congressional chaplain!  And all the military chaplains located in towns with churches already!  At which point, of course, the world will end!

He must be The Great Beast 666 and that wife of his is the Scarlet Woman, and ....  ....oh me, oh my, lions tigers and tooth fairies!

Yes.  It is true.  And he was born in Kenya and is a Muslim.  He is also going to take away all of the guns, kill more unborn babies, put more people on welfare, let more aliens into the country, and any other thing that will appeal to conservative fanatics.  Hold on to your hats, folks.  It is about to get really ugly.

I hope to god someone takes that off the money.

"'In God We Trust.' I don't believe it would sound any better if it were true." - Samuel Clemens, U.S. genius

That's true - they have nothing to offer.

So they are just thinking up more lies to tell us.

Tonya writes:

“. . . there are SO many reasons we all fear Obama . . .”

. . . Obama will turn America into a financial disaster like Greese or the old Russia.  Communism doesn't work.”

As I observed in another post on another subject, being an atheist doesn't make you smart.


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