Romney Says Tax Returns Private to Protect Church Tithe Contributions

Question: What portion of his presidential salary will be going to the Mormon church out of MY taxes?

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I still want to know why what was good enough for George Romney isn't good enough for his son!

I think one of the reasons why Mittens doesn't want to disclose his tax returns is because the LDS church will find out that he hasn't been giving them their full ten percent.  What an embarrassment.  But I think that's the least of his problems with his tax returns.  I sure hope they finally become public before the election.  I think they will how just how "un-American" he has been with his money.     

Fear ... AGAIN!  What kind of situation is it when the attitudes and usages of a church gain more of a person's consideration, thought, and action than that of the government?

That had not occurred to me.  But if the Twelve Apostles/Disciples (whatever they are called) have made a pact with him (e.g. he pays it off when he gets to the White House), then it would not matter.  I just do not like the idea of my tax money paying Romney's tithes.

Flying Atheist - You've come up with an interesting thought that never crossed my mind. He's being a piker to his own church. And, if it came out before the election, maybe the Grand Poobah and his Knights of the Great Salt Lake may not be quite as willing to "get out the vote" among the Latter Day Suckers as they are now. Which, could spell trouble for him with electoral votes in the states surrounding Utah - especially Colorado.

Oh, the LDS church would still support Mitt no matter what.  Can you imagine them switching their support to Obama just over a church tithe?  Not gonna happen.  After all, Barack is the dark-skinned Antichrist.  

You're probably right. I forgot that when President Obama was born, he was ineligble to be a Mor(m)on, since he and his father were descendants of Noah's wayward son, Ham. (As portrayed by R. Crumb). Notice the resemblance to a group whose tag line was Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk?

Larry, Moe and Curly Joe.

Three Stooges!
Yeah right - just another excuse to avoid the truth! They all lie! Can't trust them.


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