Romney Supported Senatorial Candidate: "Been Raped? No Abortion for You": God Works in Mysterious Ways

Romney is trying to distance himself from senatorial candidate and Tea Party favorite Richard Mourdock, who said during a debate that he would not support abortions for the victims of rape: "I struggled with [the exceptions question] myself for a long time, but I came to realize that life is a gift from God, and I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen."

Let's see now, God intended that a woman should be raped and that the hapless victim should bear the child of a rapist to term?  The issue strikes at the heart of a major argument against God's very existence, the argument from evil.  If a rapist inseminates his victim, God cannot be good, for if he is all-powerful, he could have stopped the rapist, and if God gave the rapist freedom of will but did not want the victim to exercise her's, why did God not make sure that the rapist chose good and refrain from taking a woman against her will in the first place?

I hear the standard refrain, the capitulation response of the Mourdocks of this world: "God works in mysterious ways." 

Give me a break!  What an arsehole!

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Watch him get elected anyway.  People like him get into office because the people electing him are no better, and may indeed be worse.

This is what he said later

"Are you trying to suggest somehow that God preordained rape, no I don't think that," said Mourdock, according to The Associated Press. "Anyone who would suggest that is just sick and twisted. No, that's not even close to what I said."





It was exactly what he said. Of course, no one accuses politicians of saying one thing and meaning another once the shit hits the fan.  At least Obama in the debates always came back to the question asked after using its general gist as a jumping off point to catalogue either his accomplishments or the errors of his opponent.  Pols lose respect when they put spin on their exact words when their statements become 24/7.  Makes me miss Harry Truman, however objectionable some find him. That is the major saving grace of the former Wyoming senior Sen. Simpson.  He could be a real simp but told it as he saw it and did not back down, e.g. calling Grover Norquist a shithead in so many words.

James, this belief system harms in so many ways and I just shudder when I read it one more time.

To ignore the right of a human being to take care of their own lives, to deny one the use of thought to guide decision making, to impose upon another a choice that may or may not be in one's own self interest, to imply  that a woman is nothing more than a clay pot in which some uninvited seed has been planted and must be allowed to grow, to ignore physical and mental health of one for the sake of another, to insist a woman submit to assault and its consequence, to require anyone to acquiesce in some pathetic attempt to gain favor of another person's or god's approval, is the height of mental illness, physical bullying, personal insult, ignorance of justice, and makes a mockery of religious dogma.

Each and every human being has the right to make decisions in regard to his/her own body and does not have to ask for acceptance or permission until and unless he/she violates another's rights. A cluster of cells does not have primacy over a woman. 

Principles such as this man's, spoken with authority and supported by silence of church communities is why I feel compelled to do all I can to confront such lunacy and call it what it is ... pure and total evil. 

In Indiana Mourdock is more popular than Romney and now claims that his position has gained him votes. This is a perfect example of what happens when religious notions enter into politics. If you truly believe that all life comes from God and that life begins at conception, then Mourdock's position may appeal to you.

Of course conception‚ the union of sperm with egg to form a zygote, is not sufficient to establish pregnancy. Implantation must be successful and I've seen at least one estimate that implantation fails about half the time. This should make God the master abortionist in the view of believers, but it seems not to have caught their attention.

The Catholic-evangelical position also ignores the fact that there is no "person" there but only a zygote.

It seems the theologians are concerned about the point at which a soul is created. This imaginary entity is the entire source of their notions about the evils of abortion.

The problem is that the rate of implantation is only an estimate and I believe it is based on the rate of success of in vitro fertilization. The rate of success for IVF is constantly increasing. Even an estimate for the rate of implantation under ordinary circumstances might be very difficult to justify. Nevertheless your conclusion might be the correct one.

Can we PLEASE start lobbying for an I.Q. requirment for politicians now?

It'd be nice, but that would legislate a lot of Congress out of their meal ticket.  They'd never vote for it!

The problem is even bigger—the intelligence of the voters who put them in office—but at least we could make a start with your requirement.

I suppose if you get HIV from a rape, you shouldn't be treated because that is god's will.  Same for Chlamydia, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and Herpes, and any lacerations or contusions that result.  God works in mysterious ways.  We should not oppose god's will.


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