Romney Tax Secret Revealed—and It’s About Religion [UPDATED]

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So it was yet one more underhanded scheme for Mittens to protect his wealth and snow-job the IRS.  The thing is, it likely won't make the evening news and if it does, it's likely too late in the campaign to have any serious impact.  I had thought that the "secret" might be something like his direct involvement in the funding for the LDS's putsch for California's Prop 8.  Ah, well.

The ONLY good thing (and I say that VERY advisedly!) about a Romney presidency is that a MOTHER-LODE of material for comics and YouTube videos will be utterly insured for the next four years.  I'd really rather it wasn't.

It seems like there's always a way to scam the system.  What gets me the most angry is when it's done legally.  Why some of these financial options and loopholes are even established and allowed in the first place is just unethical.  The people who can afford to take advantage of these situations are the most financially well-off and are just opportunists. 

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion... Yeah! Right!


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