What do you think is the root cause for humans treating others so badly?  Money, religion, death, imperfect evolution, ...

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Pride is a form of self delusion.

Yes it causes problems, like murder, suicide, greed and even demonstrations.

People need to realized that much of their own reality is illusion.

Buddhism teaches that our Self is an illusion.

Buddhism even taught this to Jesus, but he didn't listen and his pride got him executed and thrown into either an unmarked or mass grave.

He was never important enough for a tomb and certainly not for the mounting of guards for a dead person's body.

If those stories were true, there would be a lot more evidence in the Roman chronicles at the time, but they really didn't consider him as important, just another petty criminal.

For his followers to believe Jesus was that important is massive false Pride in their false hero.

Pride comes b4 a Fall!

Aye John Johnson  :-D~

Beliefs!  Friedrich Nietzsche, physicists and i think we do not believe.  Beliefs such as morality are absolutes, nothing or at least very little is evil, good, bad, right, nor wrong.  It may seem contradictory to say that there are no absolutes, because is kind of an absolute, but is possible that there are no absolutes other than just this one which makes makes it true?  Morality or immoral bigotry is the cause of a lot of mistreatment to others.  When someone judges another to be immoral, that person is no longer a person but something that deserves destruction.  God says we and especially women are dirt and most women go along with that!  Just because I am familiar with the bible does not mean i believe in god, btw.

And certainty, I have not met a human that is not certain that we are equal and therefore i deserve their disrespect such as "wow, you're full of shit, that's your opinion, etc, etc"  they can be certain that i am full of shit because they are certain that we are equal and since they are certain they themselves are full of shit, certainly I am full of shit.  Therefore uncritical thinking which is required to believe and to be certain about anything is what always justifies cruelty toward others.  You're future is already determined, weather you will be murdered or  murder based on what you believe to be true, so do not believe, think!

I have never met a thinking female, because it seems to me like she would think about what characteristics she wants her offspring to have and choose a mate accordingly, rather than how manly he makes her feel.  Let me guess, certainly I am wrong?  I wish i was but anybody who pursues power over happiness does so for only one reason and one reason only, ie to spread the misery of their existence.  And power is what every woman requires in a relationship, so with every woman on this planet walking around hating herself and picking who to duplicate based on self hatred, not so hard to figure out why cruelty reigns is it?  Certainly I am full of shit, right?

I believe that the root of ALL evil is selfishness. Simple, really.  It covers everything

Religion is the axis of evil.

I was actually joking when I wrote that. Surely religion is a source of evil but it's probably not the main one.

Without a doubt, putting belief and trust in religion. This is not a time to look in the rear view mirror to figure out how to drive this spaceship. We have to look ahead, learn from the past, experiment and explore and test, and re-test, and then move ahead into a new age, a new way of living, a new way of being in this universe. It is not just you and me and people involved here. It is all living things. Stop the superstitions and fables and myths. Get real and get on with living for the good of the planet. 

That's very good, Joan.

Human nature.




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