I didn't know where to put this - this was one of three places I thought of. 



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disclaimer: not that I think running over people is funny, you understand.
"First time down here dad, they nailed me to some wood and left me to die hanging... now you send me again, and these really f***ing fast animal with humans INSIDE trampled me to death... the damned thing must have weighed over two tonnes!."

"Sorry son, haven't really bothered looking at that rock for, oh, a few thousand years now. I take it that it's not a feasible vacation retreat then..."

Heh, sorry, my imagination runs away on me.
Yes it is. Lulz.
well, he was moving in a mysterious way
yea, the poor fool was even in the CROSSwalk.

ok that was lame.
this would be one instance where it would be good to Follow The Light!



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