From the book Why I Believed: Reflections of a Former Missionary :

A Christian friend of mine, who I'll call John, recounted how, shortly before making a move across the country, he was backing out of his driveway and ran over the family dog.  The dog suffered for some time before John took him to the vet to have him put out of his misery.  But incredibly, John went on to say what a blessing it was that God had arranged this, since the family was planning to move and John didn't look forward to taking the dog on this long trip and didn't know how the dog was going to fare in the new location.  Do not get me wrong.  John is a quality person who is friendly, leads an exemplary life, and remains a good friend of mine.  Yet he is likely unaware of how narcissistic his outlook appears to those who do not share his anthropocentric worldview.

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It's his way of saying "the dog is in a better place now." He can act this way because god gave him "dominion" over all the animals. That means "whatever works for you, buddy." They teach them that animals do not actually have a "soul" but if we could ask the dog his opinion and get an answer, he would probably like to be alive instead. Theists have such a screwed up world view.

Now his son mopes around missing the dead dog. The mother tells him "your doggie is in heaven now with Jesus." The boy might think for a minute and reply, "no he's not. I saw you and daddy bury him in the back yard."

Oh, the lies we tell to our children.

Good NIGHT!  "What a blessing it was" that what I presume to be a beloved pet was run over, crushed, and doubtless in no small amount of pain before it was euthanized, so that its family would not be inconvenienced with transporting it cross country.

What a dick.

Yes, it was appalling to me too.

And the "accident" may have been something he subconsciously arranged. 

Projecting one's own unacceptable desires out to a god is surely common. 

The idea of "having dominion" over all animals is one of the things I hate most about the bible. Why would god make it so that animals have to eat each other anyway? Why not make it so plants provide everything we need? (which technically they do, but people love the taste of animals too much.)

And the idea that animals don't have souls- so convenient. Let's celebrate the killing of Jesus by eating a baby mammal for Easter dinner! Abortion is the most evil thing EVER, but a daily holocaust of mammals is just fine, as long as I can eat my In-N-Out burgers!

So sickening. My cat is dozing right next to me as I type, and if something like this ever happened to me, I'd be out of my mind with guilt and depression.

Yes, Christine, "having dominion" means you can eat them. I'm not sure what that says about the Queen of England? Does she eat her subjects?

As for animals eating each other, do not worry. After the curse is lifted lions will eat straw. Imagine that with those teeth. Children can play with lions too. (Not advised after the cub gets a certain age.)

Just more theist nonsense.




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