People in the USA dont understand that Russia is democracy now. Also they need to know they are not these cold harded people

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Democracy? America isn't even a democracy.
That's a generalization. I know not ALL people in Russia are cold hearted. Just like not ALL Americans think people in Russia are cold hearted.
I told an Estonian that he sounded Russian. He said "that's like calling an American a Mexican"...
~ 2cents:
Russia has a serious racism (and corruption by KGB splitting) problem. Recently a journalist was beaten almost to death and they made sure he (or she, there's been many, killed too) would not write again by... well, read on at any news hub..

Seems the orthodox cath/xtian connections run deep there too. All the amber-gold splendor to help forget how fubar a life can become in that part of the globe... America, wake up, there's influence coming from there that wants revenge on the freethinkers. The money laundering is huge to boot. Secular gov or bust!




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