Russia arrests 30 gay activists in show of solidarity w/homophobe legislators etc. here

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i seen it on TV yesterday

except our news said gays were lucky to have been arrested because they were more endangered by religious nutcases that showed up))

there were radical orthodox christians there looking like nazis

their leader said if homosexuality would spread in Russia, god would wipe it out as he did with Sodom and Gomorrah

(i guess god can endure pedophillic priests, but not adult gays)

heres their website

btw, it says "free general Mladich. hail the hero!"

sick as can be, eh?

quite sick
"Homosexuality would spread in Russia, god would wipe it out as he did with Sodom and Gomorrah"

So god had no problem with Stalin's genocide of 23 million people, allowing russia to survive despite the involvement of millions of russians in that genocide (I don't know how many, but I bet Stalin did not personally kill all of those people himself. That really would have kept him busy). But a few gays, now god will get really mad at that.

You know some crazy Russians even wanted to canonize Stalin, make him a saint?!

I am amazed, astonished at all this insanity. I saw this video recently featuring Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's wife where she was talking about their life and the stalinism.

Below the video there were a few comments saying 'she should have been gassed', 'she should have been in Gulag'.

Today's Russia scares me.

They think Ivan the Terrible was great, too.  Russians are difficult to understand.  You'd think they'd idolize a nice leader instead of these murderers.

Sometimes I just want to put all of the homophobes together in a big warehouse and sic them on each other.  the only thing that unites them is their hate. 


Nice to see that a handful of people there are supportive.



As awful as this sounds, sometimes I think Russia was better off communist.  They are just falling apart over there. :o(
I often wounder if the USSR could have ever evolved out of Stalinist authoritarianism, and into something closer to what Lenin had in mind.



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