Ruth Bader Ginsburg: My male colleagues didn’t really understand the Hobby Lobby case

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: My male colleagues didn’t really understand th...

Justice Ginsburg's male colleagues either do not understand, do not want to understand, or are paid to not understand and the majority willful misread the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and it would have unintended consequences.

“Little doubt that RFRA claims will proliferate, for the Court’s expansive notion of corporate personhood – combined with its other errors in construing RFRA – invites for-profit entities to seek religion-based exemptions from regulations they deem offensive to their faith,” 

~ Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Indeed, Justice Ginsberg was correct, the Satanic Temple declared that it would use the majority’s interpretation of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Belief blinds the five justices to critical thinking and creates more problems for women and their reproductive health. No one benefits by these decisions taking away women's right to control of their own bodies. Husbands, children, families, societies suffer when women cannot legally have control over their own bodies and able to make decisions based on each woman's best judgment. 

What authority do these judges have to impose their biases on decisions of the Supreme Court? 

Why do women pay such a high price for being women? 

Who benefits? 

Who pays?

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