Ryan's 'Secret' Tape Is Even More Extreme Than Romney's

A recently transcribed audio recording of a 2005 Paul Ryan speech to an Ayn Rand group is a shocker.

... he  called Medicare and Social Security "third party or socialist-based systems." ... he  said he wants to privatize them in order to "break the back" of a "collectivist philosophy."

Ryan said his ideas and values were shaped by an extremist author who thought humanity must "reject the morality of altruism," and that his opinions on monetary policy are guided by a fictional speech which says "the words 'to make money' hold the essence of human morality."

That author says the "collectivist philosophy" Ryan ascribes to Social Security and Medicare is a "looters' credo." By that reckoning, anyone who receives assistance from the government -- including disabled combat veterans or impoverished children -- is a "looter."

The author, Richard (RJ) Eskow concludes

It's true that Ryan tried to distance himself from Rand this year ... But while Ryan appears to have publicly betrayed Rand, he's focused his criticisms on her atheism and has yet to renounce her political philosophy.

Mitt Romney's secret video showed that he shares the delusionally sheltered and narcissistic worldview of his ultra-wealthy peer group. Paul Ryan's recording reveals his radical hostility toward the nation's most popular social programs. Together they display a deep reverence for money, a rejection of the social values that have guided our society since it was founded, and contempt for the idea that people can and should work together to solve their common problems. [emphasis mine]

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Okay ... Romney's little video faux pas made the evening news.  Can I hope that this does the same thing?




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