Holy pareidolia, Batman! It's Jesus! Well, actually, it's an image on a cancer patient's MRI that she thinks looks like Jesus. She calls it a divine discovery. Here’s a transcript from an Oct. 5th video CNN did on the story (you can watch the video by clicking on it in the column at the left).


This belongs with those "man bites dog" kind of stories to my mind but, hey, CNN calls it news so who am I to argue?


More, including the CNN video and a slide show of other deities who show up on MRI scans (there's even one for PZ Myers fans), here.



For PZ Myers fans: Squid Jesus!


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I couldn't see it. I bet it goes up on ebay in a week.
sad part is they aint' fkn' kidding... until you get them alone.
OMG! I see him, and he's wearing a crown of thorns! I saw nothing in my toast this morning, probably because my faith is weak.
Looks like a conehead to me from SNL.
I don't see it. >_>
Just goes to show: if you immerse yourself exclusively in fantasy-delusion?

Sooner or later, those fantasies will begin to manifest within reality itself...

... that's the way the human brain works-- sees patterns where there are none.

If all you have is a hammer? Sooner or later, all problems start to look like a nail.


Now. If only we could get a toaster-oven to consistently produce images of either Jesus and/or Mary on bread....

....think of the money we'd rake in from the gullible...

I bought a plastic press a few years ago in Taos that you press into bread and then toast it. It gives you an image of Mary on the finished slice of toast - it's a funny gag item.
Sorry, I only see a frog.
If she sees Jesus, then I don't see her brain.


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