Sad Development: Jane Austen Replacing Darwin on Brit Banknote

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Hi Martin you are worth your age,l like your contribution,it clearly demonstrate you updated  debate on topical issues.kindly sir, let us work together as son and father..meaning when l m hungry for facts you are at hand,not forgetting that your son will not run hungry when you have something on the table,and for intellectual  growth l beg to have you as a father

I've never read Jane Austen but the argument seems to be about the number of females on these notes. I hate to see Darwin go as well but it seems that they rotate characters fairly often and for different bills. Winston Churchill et al. In response to the post before mine, I already had a father and don't need another one but your friendship and knowledge in this area are good enough for me. Thanks for the contributions.

Maybe they could have reached a compromise between the factions by having Charles Darwins wife on the note.

I don't think it is any worse than putting William Carlos Williams on a postage stamp in a series on American poets -- he was a homophobe -- and not honoring Hart Crane, who was gay and much, much more talented.  Of course, Williams did not commit suicide.


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