Sad Spectacles of the Sunday Talking Heads on Marriage Equality

Gary Bauer was on a panel today on Fox News Sunday and between him, Newt Gingrich, and the host, Chrissy Poo, the most nauseating spectacle evolved. First, Newt said that allowing gay marriage would demean the institution -- not his exact word, but that was the gist of it. What is this man thinking? Gingrich has no business saying such a thing; after all, he divorced two women and married a trophy platinum blonde who wears enough makeup to put Max Factor, Revlon, and several other make pretty manufacturers all on back order status. (Clarissa smiles a lot, suggesting that when she goes, "I don't know!" she has to have shoulder pads sewn into her blouses to keep from banging her ears on her collar bones.)

Then there was Bauer, who said pretty much the same thing. If you look at the man, you realize that his Family Values PAC is really a cover for his private activities, mainly dressing up like a woman and borrowing Clarissa's makeup so he can get girly. Finally, Chrissy Poo uttered a Freudian slip that left the viewer with little doubt and considerable insight into his feelings about queer people. He was trying to compare heterosexuals' rights to pension benefits and such and referred to such unions as "normal marriage" flying in the face of long-standing American Psychological Association and American Psychiatric Association positions that there is nothing ABnormal about being gay or lesbian. And who is Wallace to say what is "normal"? I should imagine that he screws his wife in the missionary position and ejaculates prematurely, which in my book is not only abnormal, it is an abomination.

But perhaps the most ludicrous ten cents was supplied on Meet the Press when that arch asshole Ralph Reed blabbed and blabbed about how allowing gays and lesbians to marry is a violation of all that is sacred. The Buy Bull is the last refuge of the scoundrel. Reed kept interrupting, and almost got into a shouting match with Hilary Rosen, who took the pro-Equality position. Disgraced by his connections with that prick Tom DeLay and involved up to his ears in the Jack Abramoff native American casino scandal, Reed now runs something called the Freedom Coalition. Isn't it the ultimate hypocrisy to label yourself a freedom fighter when what they really want to do is deprive a significant number of Americans of the same rights they enjoy, indeed take for granted? As for family values, all of these creepy crawlers represent neither family nor values. Their insult to the U. S. Constitution is only exceeded by their inability to empathize with anyone except the wealthy contributors to their asinine causes.

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I occasionally try to watch a Sunday Morning talk show, but given the preponderance of Republicans they have as guests, and how utterly smarmy they are, I usually give up after a bit.  Sounds as if I was right not to watch any this morning.  (And how can people like Ralph Reed be on three or four networks at once?  Black Magic?)

Jerry, the shows are taped is how.  And yes, smarmy right wingnuts is precisely the problem.  Reed is just the worst possible guest, but then the host is guaranteed someone like Ms. Rosen will get into an argument with him, and this is what sells soap.

These is something slimy about each one you mention. I don't see them very often; usually I listen for key verbs and nouns and tune out the blather in between. They have never made any sense to me and we do not share values. I don't know how a person can look like slime but they all do. I have an easier time reading their material rather than hearing it and I can evaluate their thinking without seeing and hearing them. I don't feel the slime reading them, I feel disgust. 

Me, too.  I suspect the reason we dislike looking at them -- see them as moral cripples, ugly because, inside at least, they are -- is possibly due to knowing in advance their positions are on the wrong side of history.  I suspect that one rarely takes an immediate dislike to someone just by looking at them.  Now that Reed is losing his boyish cutesiness he is especially sinister looking.  I actually made the comment on Gary Bauer for the simple reason that he looks to me like a sad old closet queen who might actually cross dress in private after railing against gays on TV.  We already know these arseholes are hypocrites, but we can only guess as to the depth of the hypocrisy.  I mean, look at him. It is easy to imagine him with lipstick, eye shadow, rouge, &c.  If I had my life to do over and plenty of time and money, I would buy the top of the line PhotoShop and make him up myself.

Someone pointed out elsewhere that Reed never looked at Rosen.  He kept his eyes on Gregory. 

I am a big believer in what some psychologist (I think Wilhelm Reich) called "character armor." Reed was afraid to look Rosen in the face because he is a paranoid. When the guests on these shows refuse to look at anyone who disagrees with them, they protect themselves from ridicule by not acknowledging the existence of the opponent.  What it shows in Reed's case is a colossal insecurity and inability to understand that someone might legitimately disagree with him.  I think he actually found Rosen threatening.  I am willing to bet he is scared shitless of women, too.  On another note, you may have noted that the director of the show places a lefty in close proximity to the rightie.  This guarantees exactly the sort of unease Reed exhibited.

A vision of La Cage Aux Folles comes to mind. 

Actually, I would rather reference another movie, the Gore Vidal-written, much (and in my opinion unfairly) maligned Caligula.  Vidal's script features a sequence that perfectly summed up the writer's own opinion of pols and lobbyists: when Caligula wants to increase revenues for the empire, he simply commands that the Senators' wives sell themselves into prostitution.  This provided the movie with an orgy scene on a grand scale.  Director Tinto Brass made sure that the stalwarts who were shown plowing the women in the unrated version had massive membra virilis, and one suspects Vidal suggested as much in his screenplay.  Where is Caligula now that we really need him?  I would love to see the wives of the senior senator from Kentucky and the Speaker of the House flailing about as they are forced to ride 10-inch phalli.

One does sense slime, at least I do.  Actually more like rottenness, for me. 

I had a landlord once who gave me that somehow slimy feeling.

I pulled up a carpet in a room of the house that I was renting from him, and suddenly the place stank like a Forest Service pit toilet.  There was a cover in the floor that looked kind of like a manhole cover.

I called the city code inspectors.  It turned out he had a septic tank under my house, and that was the septic tank I was using!  Septic tanks generate toxic gases. 

These guys talk about "demeaning the institution" and yank out words like "sacred," but I have to ask this again: Where Is The SUBSTANCE Behind Their Arguments?

Answer: Nowhere!

Truth be told, I used to really enjoy CBS News' Face The Nation, but the bullshit coming from the GOP side of the equation has become so ubiquitous and pernicious that I just quit.

P.S.: Jerry? The answer is "the magic of video tape" (or whatever they're using these days). To my knowledge, none of those shows are broadcast live. Reed is hardly the first, nor likely to be the last to "do the tour."

Right.  Falling back on dogma essentially means that religion is the last refuge of the scoundrel.

I used to watch Sunday morning talk shows. But to me anyway, since the death of Tim Russert, they have devolved into noting more than platforms for loudmouths to spout their talking points without regard to reality. "Damn the truth. Full speed ahead." When a moderator does ask a question, you can bet your life savings the answer is going to something along the lines of, "Well, the better question is......" And then the propagandist will proceed to knock down his own strawman, which laughingly passes for an in-depth answer.

The only one I do watch is Fareed Zakaria. By and large, he avoids the the talking head, recycled, morons, and has on experts in their respective fields, for a dignified, and sometimes enlightening conversation. And, he actually covers important topics in the rest of the world. Something the other xenophobic networks avoid like bubonic plague. As to the rest, and especially Faux News, I already know what's going to be shoved down my throat before I turn it on. What's the point? 




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