Sad Spectacles of the Sunday Talking Heads on Marriage Equality

Gary Bauer was on a panel today on Fox News Sunday and between him, Newt Gingrich, and the host, Chrissy Poo, the most nauseating spectacle evolved. First, Newt said that allowing gay marriage would demean the institution -- not his exact word, but that was the gist of it. What is this man thinking? Gingrich has no business saying such a thing; after all, he divorced two women and married a trophy platinum blonde who wears enough makeup to put Max Factor, Revlon, and several other make pretty manufacturers all on back order status. (Clarissa smiles a lot, suggesting that when she goes, "I don't know!" she has to have shoulder pads sewn into her blouses to keep from banging her ears on her collar bones.)

Then there was Bauer, who said pretty much the same thing. If you look at the man, you realize that his Family Values PAC is really a cover for his private activities, mainly dressing up like a woman and borrowing Clarissa's makeup so he can get girly. Finally, Chrissy Poo uttered a Freudian slip that left the viewer with little doubt and considerable insight into his feelings about queer people. He was trying to compare heterosexuals' rights to pension benefits and such and referred to such unions as "normal marriage" flying in the face of long-standing American Psychological Association and American Psychiatric Association positions that there is nothing ABnormal about being gay or lesbian. And who is Wallace to say what is "normal"? I should imagine that he screws his wife in the missionary position and ejaculates prematurely, which in my book is not only abnormal, it is an abomination.

But perhaps the most ludicrous ten cents was supplied on Meet the Press when that arch asshole Ralph Reed blabbed and blabbed about how allowing gays and lesbians to marry is a violation of all that is sacred. The Buy Bull is the last refuge of the scoundrel. Reed kept interrupting, and almost got into a shouting match with Hilary Rosen, who took the pro-Equality position. Disgraced by his connections with that prick Tom DeLay and involved up to his ears in the Jack Abramoff native American casino scandal, Reed now runs something called the Freedom Coalition. Isn't it the ultimate hypocrisy to label yourself a freedom fighter when what they really want to do is deprive a significant number of Americans of the same rights they enjoy, indeed take for granted? As for family values, all of these creepy crawlers represent neither family nor values. Their insult to the U. S. Constitution is only exceeded by their inability to empathize with anyone except the wealthy contributors to their asinine causes.

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I have to reluctantly agree.  It is a habit.  I am hooked.  Your take on the situation is splendid.  I bemoaned the passing Russert, too.  He had a great talent for what he did and of course was the most respected of the lot.  I am a masochist for watching them, even if it is just background noise while i am online.  And I love to shout at my TV.  It at least serves that purpose: giving me an outlet to vent my anger at all of the things that alienate me from this society and much of the world outside it, too.  Wallace is the most despicable of the lot.  He certainly provided abundant evidence Sunday with his slip of the tongue, providing a clue into his warped psyche.  He was comparing the rights enjoyed (I say, taken for granted) by heterosexual married couples with those of lesbians and gays, and with reference to the former said referred to it as a "normal" marriage.  He is so totally disingenuous.  Juan Williams is such an inadequate token liberal, and I have as much contempt for liberalism as a conservative like Wallace does.  No, I prefer to label myself a progressive leftist.  I think you are, too.  I am so glad you post comments here as I always learn from you.

I used to yell at the TV also.  I think it's something the programmers want you to do. At least they know your engaged and listening to the drivel they pipe into your home. I'm not watching them. They're watching me. They break their audience down into demographic profiles, e.g. religion, political leanings, age, ethnicity, zip code, etc. Then, based on those demographics, they pander to their pre-programmed audience whom they know will sit through the personal hygiene product commercials. Which, come to think of it, are usually more enlightening than the program.

If I have to have a label, I think you hit. As to learning from me, thank you. Not so sure I deserve it, but thank you.

For what it's worth, David Frum, former Bush speechwriter and opponent of gay marriage, gave this reasoned and compassionate defense of gay marriage yesterday.  

David Frum on Face the Nation

I cannot watch the Sunday politico-talk shows. The idiocy from all involved staggers the imagination. People who know nothing about what they are asking are asking people who know nothing about what they are saying to say nothing very loudly in as many words as they can squeeze in between commercials. The only political clout these morons have when they are not themselves politicians is what the news media give them by putting them on as "experts." Belonging to a privately funded think tank indicates only the degree to which the speaker will shill. Being head of some lobbying group indicates only that one is willing to say anything for the client who silently behind the scenes is manipulating US politics with impunity. Disgusting.

I cannot watch them either.  

The only thing I watch Sunday morning is "Sunday Morning", and I'm even thinking of stopping that because it has so much religious garbage on.  And, the other pieces they have are not as interesting as they used to be.

Lobbyist = pimp.

It is way past time someone made that association.  How do you think K Street would react to it.  Not well, I suspect.

Lobbyists manage to fulfill both roles, both pimp and whore.  I think they are the only people on earth who can do that.  The law preventing pols from becoming lobbyists for a period of time after leaving congress should actually read: "You cannot become a lobbyist if you have served in congress.  Period."  That would help.

Thank *** I have neither high blood pressure nor cholesterol problems so I am not quite so worried about heart attacks as some people are, including my younger brother who turns beet red when angry and looks like he is about to explode.  *** decided to give me leukemia instead.

Ralph Reed and his band of Christian suppositories tried for years to put born-again Christians in Congress and claimed Mormonism a cult.  But when Romney was picked to run against Obama Reed supported him but in doing so has felt the sting of being labeled a hypocrite by many of his fellow Christians.  As one Christian said "Reed has chosen the GOP over God".  Don't you love when these assholes go after each other.

It doesn't happen often enough.

Do you remember Charles Kuralt on Sunday morning? I remember one wonderful Sunday morning at Aransas Pass, TX, where we camped under a funny tree that could not figure out where "up" was. It turned and twisted toward the sky, with detours in all directions. A Jack Russell terrier could climb it until the weight of his body broke through and he tumbled to the ground. Charles Kuralt, my favorite program of all, came through on radio as we enjoyed fresh flounder from a fisherman on the beach. We cooked it on our camp stove.

Here he is on his last broadcast of Sunday Morning.
Charles Kuralt's final appearance on CBS Sunday Morning clip 7





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