Salvation Army Bell Ringer: The Horror! The Horror!

Today at the grocery store I could hear the bell ringer when I got out of my car.  It's a  big-box type store.  I always park a long distance from the entrance.  It must have been a half a city block away.

When I got into the atrium, the bell ringing was so loud I wanted to cover my ears.  The horrid woman repeated to me "Merry Christmas".  I wanted to tell her, I don't approve of the Salvation Army, and I don't like their in-your-face approach.  But I couldn't, she kept ringing that damn bell.

I have a 100% hearing loss on left.  The right hearing is normal.  If you stand to the left of me and speak, I can't tell what you are saying.  I passed by her, with her on the left.  It really was deafening.  

What did she think - people were not contributing because they couldn't hear the damn bell?  I had to walk around her to get into the store.  It's not like customers didn't know she was there.

Inside the store, I went to the back of the store to find some hardware items.  All the way to the back, over the damn Xmas musak, that goddam bell.

The horror!  As a customer I wanted to complain to the manager, but it's not like they couldn't hear the stupid bell.  I just wanted to get away from it.

On the way out, I had to go through the atrium again. That was so loud!  She said "Merry Christmas" again, loud again, and I bowed my head, walked fast past her, and muttered "Jesus Christ, leave me alone!"

I have a 100% hearing loss on one side.  The other side is normal.  If you stand to the left of me, I can't tell what you are saying.  I passed by her with her on the left.  It was deafening.

I don't like the Salvation Army anyway.  Other than the telling name, they are a religious christian group.   As a church, they are not restricted from inquiring about the religious beliefs of their 55,000 employees.   I don't give them money.  But even if I liked them, that bell was too obnoxious for words.

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You could boycott the store...

They wouldn't notice.  Now that I've been through that guantlet once, if it's as loud and obnoxious next time, I'll go to the manager and complain.  The main competing store has its bellringer outside.

I always think of better things to say or do after the fact. 

Or - I could tell them I'm with the Atheist Army, and ask for equal time.  Then stand in front playing a kazoo and ask for money to take to the homeless shelter.

LOL I love it. If you do that, please put it up on youtube! :D

Yes, Sentient - that would be awesome. Play your kazoo for the Atheist Army. I bet you would get many smiles. I would donate to your cause.

Has it occurred to anyone here that a loud bell in a closed space amounts to noise pollution?  Your reaction to it tells me that, unlike the general white noise which is part and parcel of stores like that, the bell sticks out sonically and can clearly be problematic to those with hearing issues.

Is that enough to go to a lawyer with?  Maybe not, but it might be enough to go to a manager with, saying simply, "Can you do something about this, or do I have to consult my attorney?"

It really was bad.  My ears hurt.  I think it was designed to be an outdoor bell.  Thanks for understanding.

This is quite similar to the church bake sales, t-shirt sales, and other religious begging that occurs throughout the year at Wal-Marts, Sam's Club, grocery stores, and Costcos, etc., etc., etc. It's obnoxious as it comes. What I especially detest, is driving through the 4 way stop with people standing in the middle of the street and trying to "guilt" you into giving them money. SCA-REW them!!!

This is one of the hallmarks of religious cults to con people out of $$$. The "guilt trip." Ring a bell and greet everyone that comes by, or offer a brownie at the entrance to a store at an inflated price, because the proceeds will bring Jesus to the African Pygmies, or Amazon headhunters, or some such other nonsense. I wouldn't waste a counterfeit coin on these scam artists.

Also boy scouts.  And girl scouts,  but the Boy Scouts is bigoted and discriminatory.  People don't think of Salvation Army as anything but a charity, when it's really an evangelical religion.  Some would say cult, but that's in they eye of the beholder.  I always want to confront them, but I'm so confrontation avoidant.  They too, are in front of the door, and can't be avoided.  They confront everyone who comes into the store.  I need to start carrying some sort of cards to pass out, not sure what they would say.  "Your organization is...   and as a store customer, I resent being confronted by groups which, because of their discriminatory character, are AntiAmerican/"  ?

I wonder if they can be considered a crowd control / fire escape hazard.  Naaaa.

Pat. I think I see your point about the counterfeit coins.

But how about this? A big wad of Monopoly money?

You might be able to buy a Monopoly game at a Salvation Army store.

It really is strange isn't it - the grocery store where I live has a policy against soliciting etc. on the premises.  So why does a salvation army bellringer get to solicit on the premises?

We have no big-box stores of any sort within sixty miles of our house.

As far as the Salvation Army bell-ringers go, I have not seen any in the county since I moved here.

You like the rural life? (3,000 people county-wide, half a million head of cattle) We could turn my village into a place from which the atheist community can gather, then conquer the world (muahahahahaha)




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