Sam Harris Interviews Philosopher Paul Bloom on Origins of Good and Evil (Pssssst, Not "Man-Made")

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The interview is interesting, but it's hard to get an accurate feeling for his position from it. Near the end he refers to "moral truths," a concept I find hard to accept. It seems to be based on the notion that deep down we all have the same moral ideas hardwired into our brains.

This presumed universality of moral notions is what makes them true in his view and that seems an enormous leap to me. It introduces an entirely new truth criterion—what everyone believes. Bloom says:

I agree with you that there are moral truths and that we can learn about them, at least in part, through science. Part of the program of doing so is understanding human nature, and especially our universal moral sense, and this is what my research, and my new book, is all about.

As I observed earlier, a species that practiced sexual cannibalism, as black widow spiders sometimes do, would have different notions of moral truth ...




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