What Sam Harris asks for, Sam Harris receives. He put out a challenge to video editors to make a video for his speech on morality, and it was as if he was talking directly to me. I thank the all mighty non-existent God that people like Sam are willing and able to concisely and with devastating impact put forward the argument against religion. His voice and his ideas are LONG overdue and severely needed. So happy to see that the internet has provided us with this new movement of reason, along with cat videos and porn, obviously.

Video by me...Devon Tracey.

Here's a link to Sam's latest book 'Lying' ... http://alturl.com/u3xcc
And here is his book on morality 'The Moral Landscape'... http://alturl.com/ptcs2

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One excellent video here, and I agree with you and Sam Harris fully!

I'm repeating in this small story, but I was recently watching ACA on You Tube and went through an hour of nonsense. The caller was plainly going into "god and morality" and everyone could see this. They handled the ignorant deluded caller well, but he wanted to point out that "we get our laws and our morality from god." They, of course, pointed out that we get these things from our society.

It was not a live show, but if it was, I would have wanted to call Austin and have them ask that man if he believed we got our laws and morals from god, why do other countries have different laws and different moralities? Does that mean they have different gods?

Just a little "circular reasoning" there for the atheists.

I am a big fan of Sam Harris and have his books and I am happy with his video here too - thanks you Michael.

This was great. Shared it on Facebook and bought the morality book!

Thanks - I buy his books too. You know he has on online course? I am going to take it.

Steph, do you have a link to the course? I'd like to check it out.


it should say online course on the page for a link to the store

Steph, please keep us informed of the course, how you like it, what you get out of it, would you recommend this book? Thanks. When will you start? 

Excellent video Steph! I'm reposting on Twitter and Facebook. 




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