Sam Harris The Case Against Christianity
Sam Harris offers his case against the Christian god concept

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I think this has been covered quite recently again, but I agree with Sam Harris.

I'm beginning to think that society and governments should get behind the concerns of Sam Harris and others, condemning errant teachings and claims of religious fundamentalists.

Even going so far as putting those who make extremely stupid claims, such as human promiscuity effects nature, like causes earthquakes, hurricanes, plagues and the like.

Anybody in Western society making such arrogantly idiotic claims should be condemned as a Lunatic and confined to psychiatric hospitals.

This would send religion a clear message, that such insanity will no longer be tolerated in society.

Because insanity is exactly what it is.

This would be a great move for the sanity of a nation.

The likes of Pat Robinson and many Imams would suddenly disappear from public view and be publicly confined to mental institutions for extreme insanity.

That would send a valuable, loud message to other religious leaders around the globe.

I'm certain that faced with this prospect, those who are spreading nonsense for the purpose of usurping, such as Robinson, will quickly change their tune and Robinson will suddenly start singing saner songs.

Yes, God helped me find my car keys in the refrigerator while 30,000 children worldwide suffered and died that day. I guess he just doesn't like children. Believers should graft in the cognitive dissonance of their choice here. If you go around the Internet printing or saying things like this they usually do.

Here lately I'm finding those who tend to want to agree with me on atheistic views but then want to graft in the most bizarre science fiction as a "possibility." WTF is that all about?




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