What is your stand on same-sex marriage? Kindly give a reason for your stand too. Thank you. ;)


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Oh, SB. How I envy you. To be at that stage of comfort with another person. To be past the fire works (which is GREAT by the way) to the state of total acceptance by another. Comforting, warm, all encompassing, like a down comforter on a cold December morning. You know I lost my wife a few years ago, and we were just getting to that stage. I think of you, and others who are there, and it brings a smile to my face and heart. Somewhat wistful, of course, but genuine.

Enjoy, my friend, enjoy. Peace to you, and to your partner. My best. As usual, be well. Peace.

There are so many benefits to marriage: greater sexual satisfaction, better physical and mental health, less depression and alcohol problems, lower mortality risk. Married people are more likely to volunteer services, make more money, and contribute to the affluence of a neighborhood.

I don't see how keeping anybody from reaping these benefits can be justified.

For it. Anything else is discrimination. I care about this particular  subject a great deal because someone very dear to me is gay and hopes someday to be able to marry. I really can't imagine how two people who care for each other enough to make a legal commitment can cause any harm to our social fabric.It would seem to me to strengthen it.


Plumbing is irrelevant to love.


We live in a very progressive area many Gays and Lesbians, we moved here seventeen years ago to escape small mindedness in the suburbs.




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