What is your stand on same-sex marriage? Kindly give a reason for your stand too. Thank you. ;)


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"What is your stand on same-sex marriage?"

If any two humans want to be married, they should be able to do so. 

"Kindly give a reason for your stand too."

Human Rights.

Nice, man. ;)

Marriage in the 21st century has evolved to the point where it has a significant civil component, particularly as regards RIGHTS codified by civil law.  While I haven't actually looked these up, my understanding is that these rights number over 1,000, and they include most significantly rights regarding inheritance after the death of one spouse and empowerment regarding medical actions should one spouse be incapacitated (medical power-of-attorney).  Such rights should be available to ANY adult consenting couple, based on the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution.

These rights in no way have to impinge on religious attitudes regarding homosexuality. There are churches which have no problem with gay marriage, as surely as there are those that do. The fact remains that civil marriage with NO religious component is available to ANY hetero couple right now. The same should be true of gay and Lesbian couples.

"Equal rights" should be available to ALL CITIZENS, or the term "equal" means NOTHING.

Nice. I like this!

Personal opinion is that the idea of "marriage" is a rather archaic and outdated term. Without going into a lengthy history, it was society's recognition of a status change regarding two individuals primarily for property distribution within and between families that had children in common. Only a few hundred years ago did the idea of "romance" enter into it in the west. It was strategic, sexually based, contract for the acquisition and protection of wealth - usually land.

Today's consequences, as Loren correctly points out, has to do with status recognition which impacts property ownership, tax consequences, inheritance, and a myriad number of other financial and legal ramifications. 

Personal opinion is that if two consenting adults of any gender, sexual orientation, etc., want to enter into the status of a relationship that recognizes these right and obligations, they should be able to go to a local county courthouse, sign and register their agreement. Bingo - done. No magic incantations, no figure of authority (shaman, judge, ship captain, etc.) need approve it. If they wish to leave it, go down to the same courthouse, take a red pen, and write "cancelled" on it. If they can't agree on property distribution, debt allocation, child custody, etc., that came from the relationship, go to an arbitrator. 

Same sex marriage means that same thing as traditional marriage. It means money for lawyers.

A relationship which was once beautiful becomes entangled with law upon marriage or civil partnership. It is a fact that a high percentage of marriages and civil partnerships break down. Therefore specialist lawyers are already preparing to open up shop. They're waiting for it !


As long as no one tries to marry an animal or a child I am all for it!  We all deserve happiness!

Wonderful Jonathan. I am also for equality. Marriage should be for everyone.

Marriage inequality costs same sex couples up to $6,000 a year - over a marriage, how much?

Marriage inequality costs surviving partner potentially $10s of thousands at a time in life when they cant afford it and hetero married couples don't have that burden.

Married same sex couples deserve to be able to make critical care decisions when a partner is ill or dying.

"1,138 federal rights that accompany civil marriage, and some additional 300-600 per individual state. That means your run-of-the-mill-marriage-license-carrying heterosexual couple has access to over 1,400 rights, benefits, and protections."

An imprisoned serial killer has the right to marry.  A gay person does not.

Marriage discrimination is a continued insult that tells the gay person they are not deserving of even the simple human right that all other people can have.  Marriage inequality is degrading.

What you said, bro!

Completely with you. Well said.

Stand? I accept same sex marriage, however I do take a stand against opposition to same sex marriage/human rights.

Reason? I have never been concerned about what other people do with their genitals, I have always been much more concerned with what my genitals are doing.




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