Sara Palin has blood on her hands. She and her crazy followers can claim that map had nothing to do with the death in AZ all she wants.

I used to think she was just a joke. She isn't, she is dangerous.

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Sara Palin has blood on her hands. She and her crazy followers can claim that map had nothing to do with the death in AZ all she wants.

I used to think she was just a joke. She isn't, she is dangerous.
Palin may be a twit, but there is no evidence, at this point, of a connection. Until there is some evidence, he was just a deranged psychopath. One thing that IS confirmed is that he was an atheist. Let's not generalize, there is more of a connection to atheists than there is to the Tea Party. Do we want others pointing their fingers at us and saying we have blood on our hands? Automatically blaming them is exactly the rhetoric that needs to be avoided right now. It's the worst possible time for baseless accusations. Frankly, even if Loughner turns out to be a fervent Palin admirer, it was still because he's a deranged psychopath, not because of something he saw on a website somewhere.
The bulls eye painted on Gabby's district looks very nasty and dangerous to me.

No, it's exactly the time. Get this ridiculous idea out of your head that when something happens blaming the person who's fault it was is opportunism.

Fact is there are always mental people, and what is irresponsible is distributing this venomous bile (*), it's like shouting fire in a crowed theatre.

She's still a bit of a joke though.


(*)with deadly weapons used as analogues and opponents labelled as traitors...jesus wept

You are absolutely right. Blame the person at fault, Jared Loughner. Do you have some information that all the rest of us have missed? Because there is no report by any media outlet connecting Loughner to Palin or the Tea Party or Republicans or conservatives. Have you read anything about him at all? He has a paranoid hatred of government and he doesn't take sides. He thinks 9/11 was an inside job by the Bush government. I assume you know that Democrats also used similar "targets on a map" imagery. What's the big deal? Of course they're going to target the States held be their opponents. How should they communicate that on a map? With a smiley face?


I now agree that we can't say this person did it because they were a Palin fan, they weren't. However violent rhetoric is still nasty and dangerous. It did contribute to a guy running into Unitarian church two years ago, to "kill liberals" (it's somewhere in "chariots of iron") and it's still the case that political hatemongering creates a bad environment, one from which a person of any political persuasion or affiliation can get the idea you can use violence in the political arena.

Also if the republican right didn't exist maybe you could have some state care and over-site of people who are clearly mental.  

I'm in agreement. I was so outraged by that map that I emailed Palin right away. We all know that the shooter is responsible for the act. But the victim was selected by Palin and her political cohorts. The map was, at the very least in bad taste, but more realistically, an obvious incitement to the tragedy that occurred over the weekend.
Even if he never saw that map shows what a evil person she is. The think that I am surprised about is the number of people who love her and her politics. What am I missing here?
Has anyone said anything about his politics. No proof he has seen and no proof it didn't affect him
Jessica, I will say it again. If you have a credible news source saying there is a connection to Sarah Palin or the Tea Party, then please do us all a favor and post it.


Read what is being reported about his time at the college. He was deranged, dangerous and delusional. It had NOTHING to do with Palin!!! He was paranoid about government and had a grudge against Giffords going back to 2007 when he asked her an idiotic question "What's government if words don't have meaning?" and she obviously didn't have an answer.


Was Palin's website in bad taste? Of course. Personally to me, the website graphic is much less offensive than her words "Don't retreat, reload". I'm not sure you're going to find many people here that would support that idiot, but don't blame her for this. As atheists, we tend to evaluate evidence and not rush to judgment. There is no evidence yet available that suggests he was even aware of Sarah Palin's website, let alone inspired by it. If that changes, then let's discuss it at that point.

Well I do have proof of her statement about "Blood Libel". Do you even know what that term applies to. It is the term that has been used for 100's of years to attach Jews. Accusing them of killing Christian babes.
33% of the people in the US still say they would vote for her to be President.

sorry, but we can't honestly pin this to Palin, as much as we would like to.  There is no evidence that we can draw from Loughner to Palin or the right wing media. 


What is more plausible, that Loughner chose Gifford because of Palins "target" or that Gifford lived in Tucson, which is also where Loughner lives?



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