If people don't realize all the mess the world's in has its roots in religion...they only need to listen to her addressing the  National Tea Party Convention  tonight here in Nashville...VERY frightening.

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The woman is an idiot, pure and simple. There will always be other idiots willing to listen to her. Like the ones who wlwcted a grade B senile cowboy actor president. Twice. Very frightening indeed.
Sorry for the typos. Watching SiFi weekly gack-fest.
Here is what I got out of Sarah's speech.We need more war.Reagan was great .God bless.
I hope she never becomes the President.
I'm so tired of feeling scared of the direction that this opportunistic manipulative hatemonger could move us into. Unfortunately, the country has a significant number of crazies who can influence politics. I have to avoid watching the news because of people like her and her followers.
Actually, religion is an emergent after-effect of the hominid social nature. The mess of this world is rooted in the fact that for all the attempts to glorify the "thinking animal" ... we're an animal regardless.

It would be interesting to see a female power broker take a run at the Presidency; it could benefit the country. But, Palin isn't that female. Her record in Alaska shows she's just another lying fuckwit prostitician, and we've had enough of those for the past two decades.
Regan? There's a book from one of regan's stratgst guys:
how funny, or not but..
the fact that I was going to post up saying "who really cares but some media outlets owned by affiliates of... paylin etc."

real is the money she stole though, from Alaska that is. Or was it her husb/other family members...

Typical organized crime fam isolationism but at the same time exploiting a minority that backs them because of their ability to make tv seem fluffy and grand; when it's just bad mind control running on faux news channels near you

ps, who really listens to quitters? war on the mind too much, to easily stated for ratings etc..

That's a completely meaningless proclamation. What poll ? Where ? Drudge Report ? NewsMax ? Links, citations etc. Simple outbursts aren't of any interest or use to anyone.
I hate 2012 end of the world conspiracy theorists ... that's who they polled, right?
Some days I really wish I was an expat.
i think that a lot of old white senile men would vote for her because they think shes hot,maybe she is the new eve.

Pentecostals scare me. they are mindless with a lot of power.




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