They talk about her constantly, so it only makes sense for her to be a Fox News commentator. If she ever becomes President, I will have lost all faith in the American public.

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As much as I despised the Village Idiot, equally as much despise Chairman Maobama; if that female becomes President, it will be only a matter of days before the country and my citizenship are left behind forever.

Her joining Fux News doesn't at all surprise me; it seems like a quite natural bit of political strategizing. Almost too straightforward. I'd say something unclean is politically afoot, but then, it wouldn't be American politics if that weren't the case.

Seriously? They are going to try to get her through with her agendas? Hmmm, has to be drugs ... has to be. They're jacking off and mainlining over at Fux; definitely, chasing the Dragon.
This brings up another question...if Palin were to run for President, would she be allowed to continue to due commentary for Fox at the same time or would this violate the equal-time rule?
Interesting question, for which I have no answer. Hmmm, but I do have this:

Does that help?
A condom probably isn't the right symbol to represent Ms. Abstinence-only Education. If Palin was elected, she might preach to abstain from governing. After all, no governing is the only way to prevent unwanted legislation.
But, I've been told that unwanted legislation feels so much better ... ? Or is that unprotected legislation? Lascivious legislation? Maybe it was promiscuous punditry that felt best ...

Damn, I think I'm thoroughly confused now.
WHAT "equal time" rule? That went out (I believe) somewhere in the 80's, and its departure is at least part of the reason why Faux Noise exists! How else to you suppose that Limburger and his ilk get to spout off without rebuttal, never mind O'Reilly, Hannity, and the rest of 'em?
You are correct. I had thought it was still officially on the books, but just not heavily enforced, but after doing a quick search, it appears it was abolished in 1987. I did read where Nancy Pelosi and some other Democrats have pushed to have the rule reinstated, though I doubt anything will come of it.
I predict a mass orgy round Hannitiy's once the cameras are off. they've been a making eyes at each other for years.

I mean this just makes perfect sense, it's like highly virulent bacteria sharing genetic information horizontally.

Or The Dark Lord Sauron "drawing all evil to him" (I was watching Two Towers Last night. So sue me.)

I think this might well be the test case of my prediction made as a corollary of Felch's law, that Unsubstantiated gibberish has mass and will collapse under it's own weight to form a spinning singularity of infinite density, or as seen from outside, a terrifying black hole that consumes everything around it and sucks in light....
Wasn't the LHC supposed to do that?!?
Well the Swiss do make really excellent chocolate. There's nowhere to go from there really. Go out on a high.
This is too awesome! Finally she can put her degree and fixed smile to use. I almost want to watch Faux not for the entertainment value.




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