Sarah Palin's Unfortunate Choice of Words: "Waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists."

Put it in your browser and bring up the speech. She is conveniently dressed in white (Easter) and has that mindless Stepford expression on her face, kind of a crocodile bred with a barbee doll, and legitimizes things that are actionable in the World Court, surely ignorant of the fact that many of us believe the entire GWB administration should be subjected to extraordinary rendition: throw gunny sacks over their heads and fly them over to The Hague. The Muslim religion so far as I know has no baptism, though I might be wrong about that. The point would be that Palin's remarks could only enrage a Mideasterner if youthful or ignorant as she is of facts, induce them into joining organizations like Al Quida in Yemen.

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I personally like Bill Maher's description of her. "A category 5 moron."

In the same vein that a category EF-5 tornado is as bad as it gets.  Stupid, uninformed, jingoistic politics do not get much worse, if at all, than Sarah Palin.

Palin is the typical faux news person who throws out the most ignorant, hate filled rants while claiming to be a christian. She ranks right in there with the dope, Limbaugh, and Beck to name just two. And I know Beck is no longer on faux.

I know there are a lot of dumb people in this world, but I still find it difficult to imagine that the people who support and admire Sarah Palin are so incredibly clueless as to how extraordinarily stupid she is.  Ignorance reeks from her pores and spills out from her every sentence in such great abundance for the blind to see and for the deaf to hear.    

I actually saw the interview she did with Katie Couric on CBS when it was first aired ... and I was utterly stonkered with the disassociated, utterly muddled and clearly coached responses she made to Couric's questions.  Her ignorance SCREAMED in those moments for all to see.

Palin does NOT belong in national politics ... FULL STOP.

Well, those who admire here probably fall into two categories: those who admire her for her intelligence (who are, themselves, just as stupd) and those who admire her for her ability to manipulate the first group (which includes the man who "discovered" her, William Kristol).

Kristol ... UGH!  I occasionally see him on ABC News' This Week. and I think he's shown up on Real Time with Bill Maher, too. GAD, talk about full of himself! If it was Kristol who discovered Palin, I'm surprised he has the guts to come out in public any more!

William Kristol's past predictions:

  • Iraq would be a swift war lasting only 2 months.
  • The Iraqi's would welcome us with open arms.
  • Iraqi oil would pay for the war.
  • The civil war that ensued between the Shias and Sunnis was not a civil war.
  • There would definitely be weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq.
  • Barrack Obama would not beat Hillary Clinton in one single primary.
  • 1993 was the 'high water' mark for gay rights, and would thereafter crumble.
  • In 2008, he predicted Giuliani would run and win the Presidency.

Keep the hits coming, Nostradamus!

Kristol needs a new astrologer.  His current one isn't working out.

Nostradamus or Nostra Dumbass?

OK, Dumbass! Simple, plain, common or garden, Dumbass.

Now wait, Loren. Conservatives never make mistakes and are never apologetic. They emulate their Savior (or in Kristol's case, J*H*V*H* for I assumed he was a Jewish neocon) in perfection. Not once in the 15, 20, or 25 years Lush Rambo has been bloviating on the radio has the fat asshole once apologized to anyone for anything. Of course, in Rambo's case, there is only himself, and there are some things you just cannot apologize for. 




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