Sarah Palin's Unfortunate Choice of Words: "Waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists."

Put it in your browser and bring up the speech. She is conveniently dressed in white (Easter) and has that mindless Stepford expression on her face, kind of a crocodile bred with a barbee doll, and legitimizes things that are actionable in the World Court, surely ignorant of the fact that many of us believe the entire GWB administration should be subjected to extraordinary rendition: throw gunny sacks over their heads and fly them over to The Hague. The Muslim religion so far as I know has no baptism, though I might be wrong about that. The point would be that Palin's remarks could only enrage a Mideasterner if youthful or ignorant as she is of facts, induce them into joining organizations like Al Quida in Yemen.

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Of course, in Rambo's case, there is only himself, and there are some things you just cannot apologize for. 

Like being a presumed pedophile, after coming back from the Dominican Republic with someone else's Viagra. The Dominican Republic being the largest purveyor of underage sex in the western hemisphere. I think Limbaugh and the Tortoise have something in common. They both like getting there before the Hare.

Is that your line?! I got a great laugh. "Getting there before the hare." Refresh my memory, are you saying Limbaugh went off to the D.R. and got caught with some Viagra for which he did not have a script. How does that make him automatically presumed a pedophile.

As to the line, I heard it years ago when Illinois Congressman Mel Reynolds was caught having sex with underage children. Glad you got a laugh.

Yes, Limbaugh got caught by customs coming back from the Dominican Republic with Viagra that was not prescribed for him. And, the DR is known for having the highest rate of juvenile prostitution in the Western hemisphere. Not the first time he was caught with drugs, and not the first time he clammed up and made sure his travelling companions do the same. Seems like a reasonable inference, given the circumstances and quality (or lack thereof) of his character.

Clinton commuted Reynolds' sentence on bank fraud charges. Mel really got around. Like Prince Minsky, he was wanted everywhere but got in there anyway.

Come on Carl, don't hold back.  Tell us how you really feel!  :-)

With so many believers out there, haven't you been tempted to say to yourself maybe you are wrong?

C'mon, be honest with yourself. It's fucking funny !!!

Sorry, Nappy ... it ain't funny when it could be YOUR COUNTRY she could be running!  Thankfully, she's nowhere near that possibility now, though in 2008, she was a LOT closer.

That's good she is out of the race. I know she belongs to the Silly party and I'm a Sensible party man.

Once McCain took her on, he lost.

I wondered how McCain could be so stupid.  I had sort of kind of grudging respect for him before that.  But even during the campaign he seemed almost stunned by her vapid statements, her complete lack of knowledge about matters of national importance, and her Beverly Hillbilly response to sudden Republican money and attention.  It was like, he had no idea who and what she was, but somehow left it all to handlers - who he should have fired.  

Well, he did live through the following 4 years and beyond, so I guess the idea that he would die in office leaving her for president, would not have happened.  But what a risk he was going to put the country through.

McCain squandered his heritage on a reckless bet.  Too bad.

His choice of Palin was bad enough.  Add to that his statement in an interview that the Constitution states that the US was established as a christian nation effectively blew any chance he had for any further cred from me.  The shame is that He Knows Better Than That ... but the TEA party and the Religious Reich have such a stranglehold on the GOP that anyone who doesn't toe the line will get primaried faster than you can blink.

McCain is a symptom of the greater problem the Republican party has and has yet to address: its failure to recognize the realities on the ground and deal with them realistically, while the TEA party attempts to move them even FURTHER to the right.




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