Sarah Palin Writes Email To Herself From God (Seriously) (she wants your $ympathy and military)

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While quite a kooky way of doing it, I can appreciate what she was trying to accomplish in writing this.

Dear Sarah,


I gave you Trig so there would be someone intelligent in your house!


The REAL Gawd

someone intelligent besides the cat, of course!

In a way, I'm not surprised.  What she is doing in writing this email is attempting to give substance to something that has NONE.  It's another layer of self-delusion which, if one is sufficiently adept at fooling oneself, may actually wind up being comforting ... at least to the one being fooled.

Personally, I find it disturbing as hell.

Likewise, I find it disturbing as hell! creepycreepycreepy!

If I had any doubt before, I don't anymore.


Palin is totally trolling everyone.




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