I just read this article I found on the internet today which expressed the idea that Satan was the Abrahamic equivalent to the Greek's Prometheus; I will basically summerize the entire article by saying that God's actions are considered more evil and immoral compared to Satan, who's only role seems to be giving man true capacity for moral judgment.


Satan gave humans true capacity for moral judgment, unlike God, who simply expected everyone to mindlessly obey his orders.



This is the article here, dunno how old it is, but I hope it does stir some debate. Is Satan really as evil as people claim he is? Or perhaps he's a Martyr? From his creator whom he rejected and from the people he installed man's greatest gift while their creator was more than intent to leave them igorant.


You thoughts? Anything missing in this person's arugment or maybe it's time we started viewing Christian Mythology a bit differently.

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According to the English poet John Milton, hell is a democracy. whereas heaven is a monarchy. I hereby deny the existence of satan. its the old Manichean influence. You have a good god and a bad god. Both completely fictitious in my opnion.


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