Satanic Goat Freaks Out Religious in Oklahoma: Beware the Baphomet of the Templars

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How many thousands of places in the US does christianity think it's the only game in town?  And in how many of those same places do they give lip service to the concept of freedom of religion when what they mean is that THEY are free to practice THEIR religion and everyone else should just suck it up that the christians are just a bit freer than the rest?

The above two incidents will have to be repeated multiple times at town halls and state capitals and other loci before the message sinks in:

Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion...

Freedom OF religion means freedom FROM religion, guys.

But surely if that is so, it would say so. It says freedom of religion, not freedom from....

It's good that this is such an ugly monument. There's no point in pussyfooting around on the issue. Remove all the monuments or we'll trash the landscape with this crap.

I'm trying to imagine how this is going to play out. After a few rounds in court, the monument is allowed to be installed. Angry over having lost, certain parties lacking in good sense will deface the monument, possibly sparking retaliation. At that point, the landscape will be cluttered with spray painted, toilet papered, possibly damaged monuments. The governing body will try to find legal justification to have all the non-xtian monuments removed due to the damage but will again be subjected to more legal challenges, costing additional $$$.

I think at this point donations should be made to install a monument to his noodly goodness. That has some hilarious possibilities.

I'd be interested in how others on A/N see this proceeding.

I don't necessarily agree with you that it is an "ugly" monument. It is a fairly accurate representation of the Baphomet of the 19th century French magician Eliphas Levy. He was trying to portray the object alleged to have been worshipped by an Inner Order of the Knights Templar. It is an amalgam of the elements (Air, Fire, Earth, Water) and he is usually depicted as sitting on the globe. The symbol has come to have Promethean and Nietzschean connotations in non-occult circles. I have never seen it with children, however. That probably was done just to piss off the Christians who put the Decalogue on public property.

You're right, it is a fairly accurate representation of an ugly monument. ;-)

If what you say is true, they've put some thought into it. Adding the kids was just plane awful though. From my perspective I guess it does function as a reminder of what this whole debacle is all about. I want to bust out laughing every time I see those kids to the side of the monument. It accurately represents the cartoonish nature of our god-worshiping past.

A Satanist monument. How do we know it is a satanist monument? Oh, the signs and symbols. The Buybull has signs and symbols and the righteous once carried a serpent on a pole. Wasn't it a serpent who decieved Eve in the Garden of Eden? (Enter the christian apologists now to explain this one away.) A winged serpent even has healing in his wings.

Yes, signs and symbols. I've studied Levy as well and he taught that they never change and can be identified through the ages. I find this odd as finger signs have changed greatly in my lifetime. Possibly the only one that hasn't is the "F You." Even so, in Italy this meaning is an outstretched crooked arm with the other free hand clasping the inner elbow.

So much for the Templars, Baphomet, and ignorant excited christians!




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