Satanic Temple to Support Fla. Prayer in School Initiative

From PRWeb

Because the Religious Reich doesn’t think about stuff like this before they act - James:

Satanists from all over Florida are scheduled to gather on the steps of the Governor’s Office at the intersection of S. Monroe and Apalachee Pkwy 1:00pm Friday January 25, 2013 in a show of solidarity for governor Rick Scott who has shown unwavering fortitude and progressive resolve in his defense of religious liberty, particularly in his recent approval of Senate Bill 98 [SB 98] authorizing “a district school board to adopt a policy that allows an inspirational message to be delivered by students at a student assembly; providing policy requirements; providing purpose, etc.”

Neil Bricke of the Satanic Temple will deliver a speech to the assembled crowd.

"The Satanic Temple embraces the free expression of religion, and Satanists are happy to show their support of Rick Scott who -- particularly with SB 98 -- has reaffirmed our American freedom to practice our faith openly, allowing our Satanic children the freedom to pray in school."

The Satanic Temple seeks to raise awareness of their compassion-based religion, which has traditionally been grossly misunderstood and maligned.

“[We believe] that God is supernatural and thus outside of the sphere of the physical. God’s perfection means that he cannot interact with the imperfect corporeal realm. Because God cannot intervene in the material world, He created Satan to preside over the universe as His proxy. Satan has the compassion and wisdom of an angel. Although Satan is subordinate to God, he is mankind’s only conduit to the dominion beyond the physical. In addition, only Satan can hear our prayers and only Satan can respond. While God is beyond human comprehension, Satan desires to be known and knowable. Only in this way can there be justice and can life have meaning,” The Satanic Temple’s website states.

For more information about the Satanic Temple, please visit To arrange to interview spokespeople, please contact Lucien at 617.863.6660.

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Ah, so these are the wacky sort of Satanists, huh?  Not the LaVeyan sort?  Well, LaVeyan satanists are kind of wacky, too, just not nearly as bad as the fruitloops who actually worship Satan.

Meh, and here I had hoped this was an ironic demonstration to the Christians, to show them why it's a bad idea, when i read the title of the post.  Damn.




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