Satanic Temple unveils 7-foot goat-headed Baphomet statue for Oklahoma Capitol

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Devils,gods...........what is all this mythological nonsense?

Arafat was once asked who would win in the Middle East struggle. He replied that it depended on who had the biggest imaginary friend.

And so the mother of all monumental arms race begins...

You sure you don't mean pissing contests? [sigh!]

So the next question is... which religious organizations use a phallic symbol?

Hey ... I have no problem with Pan Priapus! [oversized grin!]

Can't wait to see the city council debate. It should make for good youtube. Of course, concerned citizens must be present to advocate their cause. If you thought the pasta strainer looked good on the newly elected councilman, wait until you see the hats on these churchmembers! Now that I think about it, do they refer to themselves as the laity or as member members?

The real problem is that most of these local politicians haven't seen through to the point we're trying to make: that religion - religion of ANY SORT - has no place in politics.  Certainly, individuals can have their own beliefs.  What they are NOT allowed to do is use the means of government to promulgate them.

Dratted forest, keeping 'em from seeing the trees again, I suppose...

If a government pretends "free speech" while supporting one religion because "religious freedom", then this progression of events makes sense.

In the long run, putting satanism on the same basis as christianity might be beneficial. I don't know much about satanism, but it looks like yin/yang with christians. It feels like an in-your-face antichristian thing, and for that I am glad.

Next - FSM monument? Or maybe OK will cave on wink-wink "religious freedom" that is really supporting one religion, and get rid of the christian monument.

Here's what I don't understand - what has Satan ever supposedly done that could even come close to the horror of drowning an entire planet full of innocent babies, children, women, men, puppies, kittens,etc. etc.? Compared to God, Satan is a pussycat.

SSSSHHHHHHH!!!!  Yer not supposed to mention that!

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