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Don't know if/when I'll watch a 45-minute video, but my off-the-cuff reaction to "Save lives or the Economy?" is "YES!"

Worth reading: "Coronavirus: The Hammer and the Dance" by Tomas Pueyo, arguing that we need, first, weeks (not months) of strict lockdown -- "the hammer", suppression rather than mitigation -- to buy time to, among other things, institute widespread testing, and then "the dance", keeping the transmission rate below 1 while maintaining as normal life as possible (including isolating just those who test positive) until we have a vaccine.

Thanks for the Tomas Pueyo piece, a compellingly thorough document with vivid illustrations to prove his point. I don't see how anyone could deny his information. Trump, his delusions and denial of reality endanger every living thing on this planet. 

We can't have an economy if everyone is dead.

Susan, I agree!




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