There are several killings, tortures on Free Thinkers in human history. Probably it started with the killing with Socrates and continued. Bruno, Galileo are few of them to take names. This thing is still continuing in modern age. 

In recent past, there are several incidents of killing free thinkers in Bangladesh. The religious fundamentalists have listed up 84 free thinkers in their hit-list and so far 9 of them have been hacked to death. US citizen Avijit Ray, Washikur Babu, Ananta Bijay Das, Rajib Ahmed are few of them who have been killed in public. 

Bangladesh government/administration/police are not providing proper  protection to these free thinkers. Even their police is not taking the general Diary when these free thinkers are asking for help.

I have raised following petition Save the Free Thinkers. Please sign and share.

At the same time I am requesting you to suggest other alternatives so that we can save all the free thinkers around the world from these fundamentalists.

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Signed gladly.  It is past time these indiscriminate assaults on people whose only crime is thinking for themselves and expressing those thoughts publicly were STOPPED.

Thank you. Please share among ur friends as well.. 


Thank you very much. Please share among ur friends as well.. 

Thank you. I have signed this gladly. We cannot murder our freethinkers any more than wanting to murder any person for belief. Murder is wrong.

Thank you very much. Please share among ur friends as well.. 

When will it be brought home to these frumps that thought concerns the individual not the multitude.

Apparently, they don't care.  Their religion is sacrosanct to them, mostly because they've been indoctrinated taught that it is ... and no one is allowed to think for themselves.

Hell of a system, eh?

Signed. They are our brothers and sisters.

You have that absolutely right, Pat.  If the serious christian crazies had their way here in the US, they'd be going after us the same way.


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