I want to make a separate discussion from my Space Exploration & Astronomy one, to bring this issue to the attention of fellow Atheists here. Some of you probably already on top of it, but many are not.


James Webb Space Telescope is the most important scientific tool for Astronomy, on par with the Large Hadron Collider in terms of scientific value for all of humanity. It is currently incomplete and requires several more years of funding to be launched. It is, however, under the danger of being terminated due to budget cuts.


I urge every United States citizen to write to your House Representative and Senators, expressing your concern and voicing your stance against the termination of the JWST. 


It's important to note that without U.S. nobody will and nobody could build this. It's absolutely vital for the advancement of science, of our understanding of the cosmic reality, for the spin-off technological advancements that will benefit us directly and indirectly, for the future scientists that otherwise will not be inspired or interested to even get into science. 





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This is one of those endeavors that governments need to do to advance human knowledge.  Yes, it is over budget, but most things of this scale are.  Let's not have this end up like the supercollider.  We need to keep this project alive!
It's heart breaking to think that our government would rather waste our tax money then help advance our knowledge!! 




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