I was shopping and ran into an old acquaintance who was working there.  She looked sort of teary-eyed and I stopped and talked and she was telling me that she and her daughter both had depression and were on meds and her daughter has OCD and anxiety, so I shared that my daughter and I are both on meds  (our daughters are 20 and 22 and were acquaintances in high school) for anxiety and that it runs in families,etc, etc.  I was going to give her my phone number until she said "The Devil is ALWAYS trying to get us down and I will put you on my prayer-list".  I could see her belief was the only glue holding her together, so I just said thank-you, gave her a hug, and left.  SO happy I didn't get involved.  I just can't.

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For the non-rational, any port in a storm will do. The cosmic jewish zombie, the arabian pedophile, or the desert human carnivore called yahweh will use their magic robes and super powers to cure what ails ya. We all need to deal with problems. It's part of the human condition. Welcome to being alive on a small rock in an insignificant solar system in an average galaxy out of billions. How we react to those difficulties, and keep our rational insight into our less than perfect condition, is the key. 

In case you're wondering, and in the "for what it's worth" category, my humble opinion is that you were right not to get involved. Her wallowing superstition would do nothing but drag you down. You took the high ground.

"I could see her belief was the only glue holding her together"

"SO happy I didn't get involved."

I feel the same way with some theist acquaintances who argue that, without their belief in jebus/heaven-hell, they'd be; rapists/thieves/junkies/axe murderers/accountants/etc, because that's where they get their morality.

I mean, …why tip that boat?

Just say, "…m'kay, nice to see you again" and do a slow fade...




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