Someone amazing posted the following as a comment to a post on Reddit:

Proving God doesn't exist:

God is, according to scripture, all-knowing.
God is also, according to scripture, all-powerful.
Either the future hasn't been determined yet, and thus can't be known, or it has been determined, and thus cannot be changed.
God cannot exist with the two aforementioned attributes in a universe in which time is determinative.

Proving God doesn't exist again:
God said Tyre will never be rebuilt. (Ezekiel 26:1-14)
Tyre was rebuilt, and exists today.
God either was wrong, or he lied.
Scripture claims god is perfect.
Perfect beings cannot be wrong.
God must have lied.
God is, according to scripture, without sin.
Lying and being without sin are mutually exclusive.
These two traits cannot exist in one being.
God cannot exist.

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Apologists will probably claim that it's not the same civilization--perhaps not the same site. That's my guess. I haven't gone to see what their counter is to this point, though, and I'm about to go home from work. I'll take a peek later, if someone doesn't beat me to the punch.

When they say "Prove there is no god!" the reply from the atheist must be "Define your god and I will prove your definition is incoherent."

Very nice quote, I'll remember that one.


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