"Say 'Amen' one hundred times each day." WHAT!?!?!

Say "So be it" a hundred times each day? Consent a hundred times each day?

At the first religious service I've been to in about six years -- a funeral service for "Hank", a religious friend, the minister asked the attendees to say "Amen" 100 times each day.

His words surprised me so much that, seated there in the chapel, I reached into my bookbag and took out my ereader. In both of its Oxford dictionaries -- the New American and the English -- the word means "So be it" and consent.

The guy wanted me to self-train for passive obedience!

Hell, I haven't said "Amen" since about 1957 when I quit Catholicism.

I heard another elder -- I'm 82 -- say it about two years ago after a meeting had opened with the Pledge of Allegiance!

Okay, some elders revert to childhood. That elder said it loud and clear. At the next meeting a month later, another elder said it very faintly. I haven't heard it since.

Were you brought up in a religion? Do you remember attempts to make you passively obedient?

The Catholic schools my dad sent his kids to tried. They really tried.

I first rebelled in fifth grade when out of about 15 boys, I was the only one who refused to enter training to become an altar boy.

I next rebelled when, I don't remember the grade, Sister X admonished the class to turn the other cheek. I sat there telling myself, "I have only two cheeks!"

In eleventh grade, where I first studied science -- chemistry, Sister Y cautioned the class that to doubt is to commit a sin. "Hey!" I told myself, "doesn't all learning begin with doubt?"

More happened, but now it's your turn. Do you remember any attempts to make you passively obedient? What were they? If they took hold, how did you free yourself?

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