"It doesn't mean you're not going to hell, just because you don't believe in it,"

"In conversation, Antonin Scalia" interview with Jennifer Senior in NY Magazine, October, 2013.

Does this man hate atheists or does he hate atheists?  Sounds like he would personally send us to hell if he could.  I don't think he would have much difficulty burning us at the stake if he could get away with it.

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Eric, I think your words hit it all right on the head. Why is this man still on the Supreme Court? Does he still have the mental capacity to do his job?

Let me get idiotic here and change around some of his words for re-post.

"It doesn't mean you're not going to New York, just because you don't believe in it."

Does that make any sense? How in the hell would that ever make any sense?

Michael, Catholicism does that to an elderly believer's mind.

I know a few and their minds are scrambled.

in 2005 one of them, an aging Irish Catholic, disliked the movies I was showing on a closed circuit TV system and called me a communist. I replied, "That horse died 15 years ago; you can stop beating it."

The one I know best keeps finding new remedies he can push with dogmatic fervor. If he lives long enough he will discover that changing dogmas is easier than giving up the need for a dogma.

One day he started teasing me with "Once a Catholic, always a Catholic." He quit only when I figured him out and replied, "Once a Catholic, always helpless."

Scalia? Soon after his appointment he announced in a ruling that if we haven't always done X we can't start doing X now. He's getting crazier each year. He would impose Catholicism if he could.

Yes, shows that religion has and is more destructive to our democracy than Communism ever was.

Tom! I love it! Once a religious person, always helpless!
For those who would impose their faux beliefs on us, I say take your silly little let us pretend rackets and shove them into the cesspool from which they grew!

Right.  He has made a number of very bigoted comments about atheists proving that our Supreme Court has been degraded to a gang of bigots, liars and dare I say fascists?

Eric, fascist is far too kind a word! Thugs, bullies, con artists, exploiters, manipulator

I just got word I am free to leave the hospital!

Just thought that you were more lively - so they won't keep you any longer! Happy homecoming, Joan!

YAY!!!  Glad you're feeling better!

Great news!  Take care.

Thanks Mike!

Scalia wants to insist that hell is out there, despite the fact he has no means whatsoever to demonstrate its existence.  More than likely, he would be more able to give an example of an arcane legal principle than he could either hell or heaven, yet he makes this knee-jerk threat.

If it were up to me, I'd have him thrown off the court, but then I'd have to kick Thomas and Alito off with him at minimum.  Roberts & Kennedy?  Ask me another day...

He's doing his best to create hell right here on planet earth.

Joan - glad to hear you can go home!


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