Scanned this from the Miami Herald opinion section: attached .jpg

Read about the 'agenda' and let me know what you think.


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Lol @ Verne... so very, very sad but true. Ugh. I swear I have a little vein that runs down the center of my brain, and every time I allow myself to try and understand how they rationalize, that vein begins to throb. I think my brain is attempting to purge it.

As for this article. Uh, yeah... hypocritical FAIL. Projection, projection, projection.
Some people can't handle the right of freedom FROM religion.

I can break this thing down at every turn, but I will pick my favorite from the lot:

" "Bid for greater acceptance and visibilty"To justify as good citizens".

Nooooooo.... No. No. No. Greater acceptance and visibility is the desire to A. Make people aware we are here. B. For people to accept we are here and not persecute us for not sharing the belief in a deity.

"To justify as good citizens" is a religious trick. Just because someone believes in god and goes to church doesn't make them upstanding citizens, but you see people using it as a yardstick to measure "good" all the time. It a fallacy.
From what I've observed, those billboards have delivered a very simple message to others who don't believe : You're not alone.

It only "incites social conflict" when the religious decide to cause problems because of it.
This is the same form of argument that used to arise back in the 50's against Blacks... "They must be trying to cause problems because they're openly going where White people are".

It's an ignorant point of view.

If the religious are allowed to advertise their church, then expect people to advertise the alternatives.
But no... they just want us to shut up and go away quietly.
Somehow in their eyes, we aren't supposed to be allowed to announce our presence.




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