this is from an article on the FFRF.  you can read the story here:

regardless of what you think of the FFRF and their practices, this comment has me considering alerting the authorities. 

Posted on August 23, 2012 at 3:16pm


There will be a FREE luncheon provided for you at my house on election day.

There will be drawings and prizes handed out.

All you have to do is identify yourself as a FFR officer or member, then stand in front of the concrete wall of my barn, and put your FREE bandana over your eyes, you know, so as not to ruin the surprise.

Be sure to fill out all the info on the form, like next of kin, and burial preferences.

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Hello, FBI?  I have something here I think is worthy of your notice...

do you know how to contact them? 

crazy shit, no?

FBI Cleveland
1501 Lakeside Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44114
Phone: (216) 522-1400
Fax: (216) 622-6717

That answer your question? Google search took about as much time as it took to type this sentence!

Oh, and BTW: crazy shit - YES ... also Scary shit - YES!

Palerider54's comment is no longer visible under the story, or in his/her comment history.

It was there when I read this posting earlier today. I did grab a screencap:

Thanks for that. I noticed comments seemed to slow up substantially after that post. FYI I'm PHILLYATHEIST on that site.

That's business as usual at The Blaze. The members are quite vocal in their lunacy. Maybe they feel safer in numbers.
I've noticed the articles in the Faith section of the Blaze have changed in nature. This change occurred somewhere around 3-5 weeks ago. I see few articles that would interest atheists enough to respond. Maybe this is a momentary lull but it was almost as if a light switch had been flipped.

Is this your impression as well?

At first I thought it had to do with the David Barton fiasco. They've doubled down with the rebuttal books coming out. He refuses to do debates so the yahoos are doing a victory dance and spiking the ball. The last I heard, Chris Rodda was not able to get any traction. Barton's buddy at was avoiding her as well. I'll have to check in and see how that's going.


haven't seen you around there Grub.  i don't know, i think that they've kept it up with Atheist stories.  i learn more about the FFRF from the Blaze than anywhere else. 

It's not that they've stopped doing the atheism stories, they've just reduced the number and changed in nature. For a while, it was a blast, with articles that either taunted or offered an olive branch to the atheists. The taunting type were obviously geared for the peanut gallery. The faux diplomacy shown in the interview with Steiffel was civil yet disturbing. It was nice they asked reasonable questions of him but the overall idea of even doing that on the blaze seemed surreal. The reception in the comments are invariably venomous. I doubt many were swayed that we atheists are not socialist/communist/immoral/amoral/depraved/democrat...
Either way, with every episode, traffic increased and the ensuing debates were hilarious.

For a while I figured they may have canned whoever was in charge of the faith section for being minded...or not being more close minded...or just so.
Maybe it's just a temporary lull. We'll see.

Wow just wow.

I don't understand.  Was this controversial comment made by a theist or and atheist?

read it again, and try to see the implication. 

I tried to reply to this yesterday but guess it didn't go through.  Sorry.  I did not read the comments.  I am not familiar with and now don't wish to be.  You were very brave to take on those bozos but spitting in the wind just the same.  You know, "You can can't fix stupid."




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