I don't know who took this, just some random guy I found on huffpost.

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Good stuff!  Thanks for putting that up!

And yet MORE from the Reason Rally!

Thank you

Loved looking these!  Wish I was there!  To be honest, I don't do crowds very well - Im not a crowd kind of guy.  But I still wish I could have been there!

I was cold and cranky by the time Bad Religion hit the stage, but I still loved every minute.

I didn't take any side-trips to go check-out the protesters, but this was off to the side of the crowd close to where we were, so I just popped over to get a picture. After I got my pic, I walked up to the guy with the Fail shirt and shook his hand and thanked him. After this, people followed suit, ignoring the Xtian protester and giving the kid his props and shaking his hand, …cool.

I'll post a blog or a thread with more pics when I have time. It was at times both intensely hilarious and profoundly, but never irrelevant. 

Love this pic. The ramblings of the believer. The casual silence of the atheist. Their shirts: nuff said.

Tim Minchin is awesome

More pics and more Tim Minchin here.




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