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Were America's Founders -- Hamilton, Madison, Jefferson et al -- naive when they separated church and state?

Were Europe's centuries if religious warfare too recent for them to ignore?

How will the six Roman Catholics on SCOTUS (They make too many 5-to-4 and 6-to-3 decisions to persuade me to refer to them as Justices;), especially Antonin Scalia, react to this? Will they learn of it? Will they react to it?

I pledge allegiance ... one nation, easily divisible by religion....

Atwill may be exactly correct! When looking up anything about Jesus you have 2 sources. The first one is the bible and the second one(s) are all these other sources -- who really have no sources! When you think about this it is totally amazing! It's all similar to a person meeting this fabulous millionaire who has no history and no traceable background. In the modern world this means total fraud unless you happen to be a christian.

I  posted this link on the other thread on this subject

It is a problem when self proclaimed atheists do the same stuff as David Barton does on the religious front and just come up with 'facts'. Unfortunately this guy is getting his 15 minutes.




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