A frantic few hours of work by my daughter, but it was worth it. Her public high school graduation was today in SC. I have attended several for her older siblings and (drum roll) for the first time... there was NO PRAYER! I was worried about the possible physical backlash from the Nutters of God if they found out it was her who complained, but she finessed it brilliantly.

Here's how:

She emailed the American's United for Separation of Church and State, and also the ACLU. She told them the program that the shcool had gone over in rehearsal, and these great organizations contacted the school district to inform them of the legal limits on state endorsement of religion. 

There were some awkward unrehearsed bits where the kids looked around for the "Oh great onion in the sky, we wave our bottoms at you, Amen" but it never happened and all went off smoothly, as well as legally.


It's time to buy our budding Atheist's rights attorney a large ice cream!



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Congratulations! No victory is too small to celebrate and we should recognize the times when others do what is right (even if it's just to avoid a lawsuit).
i live in SC, way to go! I had to sit through an uncomfortable few graduations, even in college, where they had a prayer. the less religiosity the better.
Great job!
Right on. Now if only the abortion rights was better taken care of; for the health of women and families across that state.


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