I am pretty angry today. My son's school is having a program where the sixth grade will be performing a routine (something the P.E.  teacher has come up with) for the rest of the school. Last night my son informed my that he will have to do the "tebow" as part of the routine. (for those not in the know, the tebow involves dropping down to one knee and praying in public). He told me he is not comfortable with doing that. I of course am not comfortable with it either and sent an email to the school telling them I do not want him to participate. Of course now he will stand out as the one kid not participating.

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Offhand, I'd say it's time to call the Freedom From Religion Foundation and let them know what's going on here.  The school is out of line, as surely as Cranston West High School was out of line in maintaining a prayer banner on public school property, as challenged by Jessica Ahlquist, and they should be challenged on this matter.

I agree with Loren here -  would contact the FFRF.

Keep a copy of the email and forward your complaints to the FFRF as suggested, but written letters and copies printed to adminstrators if you're stonewalled are worth their weight in gold.

We confronted our son's principal directly when the school:

1. distributed Boy Scout propaganda to 3rd grade students

2. wanted to hold a Christmas Concert with sectarian songs

In both cases we were lucky and successful in changing policy. Polite but firm! and "on behalf" of any other students who may not subscibe to the same religious beliefs as the teacher.

Wrong in so many ways.  I hate that your son is having to deal with this.  I really do hope you contact the FFRF about this issue.  

Still no word from the school. I guess it is time to contact FFRF. Thanks for the comments and support. I'll let you all know how it turns out. I had thought maybe they (the school admin) were unaware of what the P.E. teacher had planned and would react swiftly. Instead they seem to be blowing me off. Unfortunate

Unfortunate, indeed ... for them.  Very best of luck to you!

no school should blow off a parent, I would be furious....

My only question is this:  Are the kids expected to "Tebow" as a parody of the now infamous pose, or are they supposed to do it with "reverence" and actually "pray" when as part of the routine?

For me, that would be a very important distinction, and I'm just curious if you're not jumping the gun a bit here.  I mean, I've seen plenty of pictures of people "Tebowing" in odd places on the internet and the vast majority of them are poking fun at the overtly religious gesture, not condoning it as if it is normal/acceptable.

I understand your concern, but I would want more information before jumping to FFRF or even pulling my kid from the routine.  

Of course, if it's NOT satire, that's a whole other can of worms that needs to be opened and addressed strongly and I'd agree 100% to get FFRF involved if the school doesn't do something to remedy it.

Yes, I would like the school to respond to me so I could to the bottom of this. Of course their lack of response does not bode well (I have also left a message). Additionally, if it were a parody, then I think they would be getting a whole lot more complaints form concerned "Christians".

what a load of horse shit. making kids bow their heads in a public school is pathetic.

yes, i know what the tebow is. It makes me ill when i see adults doing this. Requiring a child to do it, is definitely crossing the line. A P.E. teacher, huh? Gosh, that ignorance really makes my blood boil. Now your son may have to deal with backlash, because of a dumb P.E. teacher (nothing against physical education teachers, but i've had some pretty dumb ones coming up). I hope your son comes out okay, but i think you're right for speaking up. Maybe it's time for the teacher to be embarrassed by informing him/her about what he/she can and cannot do in a public school.




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