Hrrmm... racism yeah, that's what the TV pushes. Cultures, parents neglecting (letting tv/religious cultures, ok occult cultures babysit, their kids, that'll do damage as well not just to the individual child but whomever comes in contact with the him or her... and on and on, blame, lame to, but obvious blame. Buy them guitars, not guns... teach them respect of guns at a young age, it's the only way; even then the outlets must be of sound mind; not rapture bs.

man what a long road to go...
America or bust.

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I'll preface this with the following: each school shooting is awful and I don't want to downplay any of these tragedies.

That said, I do think that the media hyping every incident certainly causes more problems than it solves. I'm not saying the media should ignore school shootings, but they should be analyzed with an attempt at recognizing the fact that school killings are not on the rise and not jump to conclsions about the psyches of the killers.

What I don't get is if school violence is not on the rise, how can it be equated to a lack of prayer when atheism is on the rise and prayer in school is occurring less often?

As a side note I totally agree with teaching all kids gun safety from a young age (my 4 y/o knows how to field strip a 1911, but she does need help pulling the slide back). It doesn't have to involve target practice, but a basic knowledge of Jeff Coopers 4 rules goes a long way. After all we teach kids about fire safety, drugs, condoms, strangers, etc. Teaching a kid what to do if they come across a gun at a friend's house is simply responsible parenting.

Here's a quote from the last article:

"To provide greater context to such cases, the media should at least explain: (1) that school killings are not on the increase; (2) that such killings make up a small minority of all killings of and by juveniles; (3) that children are three times more likely to be killed by adults than by other juveniles; and (4) that there is no trend toward younger and younger juvenile killings."
Media hype goes a long way toward distorting the actual threat. Be it school shootings or (especially) child molestation. This type of distortion of perception leads to over reaction by parents, school officials, and kids themselves. Every awkward school boy, who doesn't have alot of friends becomes a possible spree killer, and every adult giving a kid a hug MUST have an ulterior motive.
When it comes to the latter we have seen witch hunt mentality. Innocent people have had their lives ruined by accusations with NO proof what so ever. The daycare center cases and the one case where half a town in Colorado was falsely accused of running a child sex ring.
Sorry didnt mean to get to far off the subject. I agree Jimmy, guitars not guns. But a healthy respect for guns. And spend LOTS of time with your kids. Fiind those things you both enjoy and full advantage! And yes I say their religious education should be to teach them about the myths that people used to believe and those that some people still believe.
now thats connecting the dots or points
some kids kids have had the influence of Bush era and lame Fox tv shows; American Idol perhaps...
learning from example that it's ok to cheat and cool to ... be uncaring.
It seems that article got it rather wrong. He did indeed kill his teacher though.
interesting point, many things (can) happen in the blink of an eye? Look at the 2000 elections (or lack of)




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